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Location of Chawara in Jhunjhunu district

Chanwara (चंवरा) (Chawara) is a large village in Udaipurwati tahsil of Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.

Jat Gotras


Karni Ram and Ramdev Singh Gill were shot dead on 13 May 1952 by the Jagirdars at village Chanwara (चंवरा) when both Karni Ram and Ramdev Singh were sleeping after taking part in farmers movement against jagirdars. Jagirdars treated both of them as their biggest enemies. The news of murder of both leaders spread like forest fire and thousands of farmers gathered at the spot. They were all very agitated against the Jagirdars. Sardar Har Lal Singh, Chaudhari Kumbharam Arya rushed to the spot from Jaipur accompanied with I G Police, to pacify the mob. The dead bodies of both martyrs were brought to Jhunjhunu and last rites performed on 14 May 1952 at "Vidyarthi Bhawan Jhunjhunu".[1]

Notable persons


As per Census-2011 statistics, Chanwara village has the total population of 5514 (of which 2867 are males while 2647 are females).[2]


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