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Dhana (ढाना) village is situated in tahsil Garhmukteshwar in District Hapur of Uttar Pradesh.


This village falls on the road Lodhipur Sobhan to Baksar. It is 2 kms from Lodhipur and 7 kms from Baksar. This road connects to Meerut - Garhmukteshwar road and Delhi - Garhmukyeshwar road.Now it comes under district Hapur.(previously ghaziabad and meerut) Simbhaoli distance is 9 kms

The founders



Dhana is a village of Punjabi Jatt (Sandhu gotra) mainly. However, other gotra of Punjabi Jatt are also available. However other casts are also available here. The pradhan of the village is Kunwar Sahab and his ancesters after Independence of India. As there is record that no elections are held for village pradhan since Independence and village pradhan is elected from this family with the advice of all members of the village, but first time in the history of village election was held in 2016 but Kr. Virendra Singh's wife wons the election and again becomes the pradhan of the village i.e., Smt Archana Singh, wife of Late Kunwar Virender Singh Dhana. Kr. Virendra Singh Dhana was son of Kr. Raghuvarsaran they are from the Royal Jatt family. Kunwar saab was very good and honest person. Kunwar was patient of diabites and taken his last breath on 23 dec 2003. Their is no criminal case ever registered against the royal family. Gotra of this family is Chattha.

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Dhana has a total population of 2,210 peoples. There are about 412 houses in Dhana village.

Total population: 2,210 Male population: 1,170 Female population:1,040

Notable Persons

  • Late Kunwar Virendra Singh - (MLA Garhmukteswar-1980-85),(ex- district council presiedent of meerut), (ex- presiedent sugarcane fedression lucknow)
  • Kunwar Rahul Singh Dhana - leader and businessmen

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