Dhani Mithi

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Dhani Mithi (ढाणी मीठी) is a small village in Bhiwani district and was inhabited in year 1952, mostly families came from Mithi Matani Distt. Bhiwani near Behel.

Jat Gotras in the village

Main gotras in the village are , Chharush, Ola, Sheoran, Rahel, Nain, Jakhar, Beniwal .

Notable persons from this village

Mr Phool singh Sarpanch is the main person from the village, his son Ishwar Singh Chaurush was ASI in Haryana police and Died on Duty in Hissar on 7-2-2006. Mr. Phool Singh Chhraush is a big landlord with 150 acres in the area.

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