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Dusal or Doosal was the brother of King Rawal Jaisal of Jaisalmer. Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti clan who founded Jaisalmer, was the son of King Rawal Dusaj of Lodhruva.

Jat clans


King Dusaj appointed Jaisal's younger brother Vijayraj Lanjha as his successor. After Vijayraj took the throne, Jaisal was driven out of the kingdom and formed an army. Vijayraj Lanjha died on the battlefield in the resulting war. Following this war, other Bhati rajputs accepted Jaisal as their new king and stopped fighting among themselves; however, the city of Lodhruva was completely destroyed. With the waning of Buddhist influence and the re-emergence of Hinduism, some of the Bhatis split into Gujjars and Jats.


H.A. Rose[1] writes that Bhati , a tribe of Hindus, chiefly interesting as being the ancestors of the Bhattis and the Sidhu Barar Jats, as the following table shows : —

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