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Location of Ellenabad in Sirsa District

Ellenabad( ऐलेनाबाद) is a tehsil and muncipal committee in Sirsa of Haryana. It lies to the north of the Ghaghar River. Earlier this area was known as Kharial. Ellenabad is situated as an entry point to Haryana, and is 5 KM from Rajasthan. It has about 40,000 population and is the constituency of Haryana Vidhan Sabha earlier represented by Ex-CM of Haryana Ch. Om Parkash Chautala.

Villages in Ellenabad tahsil

Amritsar Kalan, Beharwala, Bhudimeri, Burtwala, Chilknidab, Daya Singh Ther, Dhamdama, Dhani Bachan Singh, Dhani Kahan Singh, Dhani Sheran, Dharampura, Dholpalia, Ellenabad (MC), Harnikhurd, Himayukhera, Jagmalera (Santnagar), Jiwan Nagar, Karamshana, Kariwala, Kashiram Ka Bas, Keshupura, Khari Surera, Kirpal Patti, Kishan Pura / Dhani Jatan, Kotli, Kumthal, Kuttabadh, Mallekan, Mamera Kalan, Mamera Khurd, Mehna Khera, Mirja Pur, Mithanpura, Mithi Surera, Mojukhera, Mojuki Dhani, Moosli, Neemla, Partap Nagar, Pohrkan, Ratta Khera, Shekhu Khera, Talwara Khurd, Thobrian, Umedpura,

Name History

Ellenabad was founded by Robert Hutch, the Commissioner of Hisar during the British Raj, whose wife gave birth to a child in the area. The story is that Robert Hutch was the Commissioner of Hisar and his wife Madam Ellena was very fond of hunting. Because the land of Kharial was very grassy with many kinds of animals. Madam Ellena always went there for hunting. Once she came here with her companions. She was pregnant. While hunting she started suffering from delivery pains. Then her companions took her to Kharial. The people of Kharial served her like their own relative. Madam Ellena got healthy. When she went to Hisar she asked her husband to do something for Kharial's people. Then Mr. Robert Hutch founded a town on the north bank of the Ghaghar river, and named it Ellenabad after the name of his wife.


As of the 2001 India census , Ellenabad had a population of 32,786. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%.


Ellenabad has an average literacy rate of 57%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 64%, and female literacy is 49%. In Ellenabad, 15% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Ellenabad has an evenly distributed Sikh and Hindu population, with a small number of people belonging to Muslim and Christian communities.

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