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The Nabha rulers genealogy
Genealogy of Phul

Gurudatta (चौधरी गुरुदत्ता) (b.-d.1744) was the elder son of Tiloka, the Originator of the Phulkian Dynasty, Chaudhari Phul of Siddhu-Barad Jat clan. Phul left six sons, of whom Tiloka was the eldest, and from him are descended the families of Jind and Nabha.[1]

Foundation of village Phul

In 1627 Phul founded and gave his name to a village which was an important town in the State of Nabha. His two eldest sons founded Bhai Rupa while Rama also built Rampura Phul.

Phul’s descendants founded 3 States: Patiala, Jind and Nabha.

Nabha was a state of Siddhu Jats founded by grandson of Chaudhary Phul Singh in 1755.

Tiloka had two sons namely,

1. Gurudutta - Gurudatta's descendants ruled Nabha state. Gurudatta's only son was Surat Singh.
2. Sukh Chain - Sukh Chain's descendants ruled Jind state.

The division of the estate of Chaudhari Tiloka

Lepel H. Griffin writes:[2]The Nabha Chiefs claim precedence over the other Phulkian houses on account of their descent from the eldest branch of the family. The histories of Pattiala and Jhind have contained an account of the common ancestor Phul, and of his two sons Gurditta and Sukhchen, from the elder of whom the Nabha house has sprung, and from the younger the house of Jhind.

On the death of Tilokha, in 1687, his estate was divided between his sons. Gurditta married the daughter of


Sirdar Sardul Singh Man of Mauran, who bore him one son, Suratya. He founded the village of Dhanaula or Dhandla, on that portion of the estate of his father that fell to his share, and, subsequently, the town of Sangrur, which remained the head quarters of the Nabha State, till seized by treachery by the Raja of Jhind, and he also took from his neighbours a considerable portion of the surrounding country. He was always on bad terms with his younger brother Sukhchen, and on more than one occasion their disputes ended in bloodshed.

He died in 1754, and was succeeded by his grandson Hamir Singh, his only son Suratya having died two years earlier, leaving two sons, Hamir Singh and Kapur Singh.

जाट इतिहास:ठाकुर देशराज

चौधरी फूल के बड़े लड़के तिलोका के दो पुत्र हुए- गुरुदत्तसिंह और सुखचैन। बड़े भाई गुरुदत्तसिंह के वंशज नाभा-स्टेट और छोटे भाई सुखचैन के रियासत जींद, सरदार बड़रूखांबाजेदपुर थे। (जाट इतिहास:ठाकुर देशराज, पृ-476)

चौधरी गुरुदत्ता (b.-d.1744) का विवाह शार्दूलसिंह मामूड़ानवाला की लड़की के साथ हुआ था। इस औरत से इसके एक बेटा सूरत हुआ जिसने गांव धनौला बसाया और फिर संगरूर आबाद किया और काफी समय तक नाभा के कब्जे में ही रहा। पर राजा साहब जींद ने चालाकी से काम ले लिया। गुरुदत्ता ने बहुत से स्थान अपने पड़ौसियों से छीन लिए थे। परन्तु उसकी अपने छोटे भाई सुखचैन से पटती न थी। यहां तक कि कई बार खून-खच्चर का भी वाका हुआ। इनके इकलौते पुत्र सूरतसिंह सन् 1742 में दो पुत्र छोड़कर मर गए और उसके दो वर्ष बाद ही वह भी सन् 1744 में इस संसार से सदा के लिए उठ गए। (जाट इतिहास:ठाकुर देशराज, पृ.497-98)

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