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Badrukhan (बडरूखां) or Budrukhan (बुडरुखां) is a large village in Sangrur tahsil of Sangrur district in Punjab.


It is only 5 km away from Sangrur town. Its Pincode is 148001.

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At the time of Census-2011, the total population of Badrukhan village stood at 8601, with 1695 households.


The Badrukhan family

Lepel H. Griffin[2] gives following details about The Badrukhan family - The Badrukhan family ranks next among the Phulkians, after Bhadour and Malod. The principal part of the history of this family is given with that of Jhind, of which it was a branch, Sirdar Bhup Singh, the founder, being the son of Raja Gajpat Singh and the brother of Raja Bhag Singh of Jhind. He received his separate

* Circular order No. 641, dated 26th May 1866.


estate in 1789, from which time he was always considered independent of Jhind. However, in 1834, the Jhind line being extinct on the death of Raja Sangat Singh, Raja Sarup Singh, the grandson of Sirdar Bhup Singh, was allowed by the British Government to succeed, and became the father of the present Raja of Jhind. Basawa Singh, the uncle of Raja Sarup Singh, was the first Chief of Badrukhan, his father having held this estate and that of Bazidpur ; and the Phulkian Chiefs assigning Badrukhan and Bamman Bade, the more valuable portion, to the younger son, since he has been obedient to his father while Raja Karam Singh, the elder, had openly rebelled against him.

Sukha Singh, the elder son of Basawa Singh, who died in 1830, claimed the Jhind Chiefship on the death of Raja Sangat Singh, on the ground that the custom of the Jhind house was for the estate to devolve on the second son, and also that his brother Raja Karam Singh had been disinherited for his disobedience, but these claims were disallowed by the British Government Badrukhan genealogy is as follows:

Badrukhau genealogy

On the death of Sukha Singh, his estate was equally divided between his two sons, but on the death of Harnam Singh in 1856, Hira Singh, the younger, succeeded to the whole. Diwan Singh is the representative of the younger branch of the family. The jurisdiction over the village of Badrukhan was transferred, in 1861, to Jhind.

Notable persons

  • Raja Bhup Singh - Got this Jagir
  • Sirdar Hira Singh, Badrukhan. - One of Eleven of the descendants of Phul of the Phulkian family in the Cis-Sutlej States who had rank, position and were entitled seats to attend the durbars of the Viceroy 1864-1885.
  • Rana Udaybhanu Singh of Dholpur Royal family was married in 1911 with the sister of the Rais of Badrukhan and had an issue out of this wedlock.

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