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Hadi (हाडी) gotra Jats live in Tonk district in Rajasthan. Hadi stands for Hodi, Jat in Afghanistan.[1]



Rajatarangini[2] mentions about one officer named Hādi during the reign of king of Kashmir Yashaskara.

Rajatarangini[3] tells that The village of Hāḍi, where the power of king Sussala and others had been broken, was burnt by the powerful Sujji. (p.136)

H.A. Rose writes that Hadi (हाड़ी), a general labourer who makes bricks, carries earth, Vegetables, etc., for hire, in Kangra. He resembles in some respects the Kumhar in the plains. [4]

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Tonk district

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