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Juna/Jun (जून)/Jauna (जौन)[1] is gotra of Jats. Juna clan is found in Afghanistan. Juna stands for Yona or Yavana, Greek.[2] Juna is a Gotra of the Anjana Jats in Gujarat.


Jaun (जौन) tribe of Jats descended from an eponym, who was a Jat, of Hinjraon descent. [3]


B S Dahiya[4] writes: They are probably the same as Yaunas of Buddhist and Sanskrit works and perhaps, are to be identified with the Prarjuna of Arthashastra. V. Smith says that in 226-241 AD, a Juna king of Sirhind, had diplomatic relations with the first Sassanid king, Ardshir, of Iran. [5] This shows that they had come to India much earlier than the movements of Jajuans of Chinese, to be identified with the Jenjuan Jats and Rajputs.

They are mentioned by Cunningham[6] in an inscription at the Buddhist Stupa of Sanchi of the Ashoka period as under:

No. 152. — Jonhakasa bhichhuno dānam.

" Gift of Jonhaka, the mendicant monk."

No. 153. — Jenakasa-bhichhuno dānam.

" Gift of Jenaka, the mendicant monk."

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