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Kacheriya (कचेरिया)[1][2] Kacheria (कचेरिया) Kachoriya (कचोरिया) Kachauria (कचौड़िया)[3][4] Kachela (कचेला)[5] Kecheria (केचेरिया) [6]Kachela (काचेला) Kachhela (कछेला)[7] [8] Kecheriya (केचेरिया)[9] is gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh and Pakistan. Kachela (कचेला) Jat tribe found in the Leghari Baloch country of Dera Ghazi Khan in Pakistan. It has adopted Baloch manners, customs and dress. [10]


They are considered descendants of a warrior Kanchanaksha offered to Kartikeya as mentioned in Shalya Parva, Mahabharata/Book IX Chapter 44 (9.44.43).[11]

Jat Gotras Namesake


Bhim Singh Dahiya[13] writes that Kachela are mentioned in the Brihat Samhitā of Varahamihira as Kachara. Mahabharata mentions them as Kacha. The other names mentioned are the Gopāl, Lāngal, Pangal (Pakhalla), Sindhu (Sindhu), etc. An inscription of 738 A.D. also has noticed them as Kachela, who were defeated by the Arab Muslim army along with the Maurya, Gurjar, etc. [14]

H.A. Rose[15] writes that Kachera (कचेरा) is an occupational caste of glass-workers. The term is sometimes applied to the Churigar or makers of bracelets. The Kacheras in the Bawal nizamat of Nabha are both Hindu and Muhammadan and claim Rajput origin, e. g. their gots include Chauhans from Jaipur. They were out-casted for adopting their present occupation and now intermarry, avoiding four gots, only among themselves. Their customs are those of the Jats, with whom they can smoke, etc. They still worship the well after the birth of a son and it is again worshipped at weddings, when the bride's father gives sharbat to the barat, an old Rajput usage. Hindu Kachera women never wear blue, because one of their caste once became sati. She is worshipped at all festivities, a coconut being offered to her. The Kacheras' guru is the mahant of a Bairagi dehra at Bagwara (tah:Amber) in Jaipur, but they have Brahman 'parohits.

Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1911 census the population[16] of Muslim Jat clan Kachela was

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

There is a village Kacharia Jat in Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh.

Notable persons

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