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Kair (कैर) is village in Najafgarh zone, west Delhi. In fact, this is situated on Haryana border, near Mitraon village. Seedipur (Haryana) is also close to it.

Kair (कैर) is a tree also found in rural areas of northern India, specially in Rajasthan. It gorows as wild bush/tree in unused gounds (जो'ङा). It has bright red color flowers and the fruit is small and round in shape like berri. Unripe fruit is green which becomes red when ripe. Fruit, called Kair (कैर/कैरिया) is used in pickles mostly. Kair pickle is available now in market. It is cooked with Kejdi Pod (सांगरी) as a curry which tastes great. Villagers dry Kair/Kairiya and use it for longer periods also.


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It is a Sehrawat gotra village.

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