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Kulotunga (कुलोत्तुंग) (1070–1120 AD) was one of the greatest kings of the Chola Empire. He was one of the sovereigns who bore the title Kulottunga, literally meaning the exalter of his race.

Jat Gotras

Kulhari clan gets name after their apical ancestor Nagavanshi King named Kulotunga (कुलोतुंग) [1]


A Tamil work written in praise of Karunakara Thondaiman, the commander of the forces in the successful expedition to Kalingam (Orissa) and the north has once again referred to the king Kulothungan as belonging to paridhi kulam(Solar Race).

In the epic Periyapuranam once again a reference is made by the author to identity of Anapayan or Kulothungan I by referring to him as “illustrious one of race of Sibis.”.

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