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Madanpur (मदनपुर) is a village in Sagar Distrct in Madhya Pradesh. Village was founded by Chandel King Madan Varma in 12th century. Many Inscriptions of Bundela rulers have been obtained from here. [1]


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Jinapala's Kharataragachchhapaṭṭavalī tells us that in V. 1239 (1182 AD) Prithviraja III started his digvijaya and on his conquest of all quarters had pitched his first camp at Narayana. He marched against Jejakabhukti, which according to Madanpur (Bundelkhand) Inscriptions, "was laid waste in V.1239 by Prithviraja III, the son of Someshvara and the grandson of Arnoraja".

Prithviraj conquered Mahoba, the capital of Chandel ruler Parmardi or Paramala, after a stiff fight with Banafara heroes Alha and Udala who were aided also by an army of Kanauj. [2]

Madanpur Inscriptions of Prithviraja III year V. 1239 (1182 AD)

There is one Inscripton incised on a Jaina temple which shows that Prithviraja III conquered Chandel ruler Parmardi or Paramala.

The original text is as under:

श्री चाहुमान-वंश्‍येन पृथ्‍वीराजेन भूभुजा |
परमर्दी-नरेन्‍द्रस्‍य देशोयमुदवास्‍यत ||
अर्णोराजस्‍य पौत्रेण श्रीसोमेश्‍वरसुनुना |
जैजाकभुक्तिदेशोयं पृथ्‍वीराजेन लूनित: ||
संवत् 1239

Reference - Dasharatha Sharma, Early Chauhan Dynasties", pp.109.


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