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Mangal Sen Jindal is an advocate and a Jat Historian.

He was born in village Jaini Khurd of Meerut District (India), which is a Jat village. He has written following books on Jat History.

Jat and Jutland

His first book on Jat History is : Book: Jat and Jutland,

By M.S.Jindal,
Agra, 1982.

History of Origin of Some Clans in India

The second book on Jat History History of Origin of Some Clans in India (with special Reference to Jats), (1992), Publisher - Sarup & Sons, 4378/4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110002, ISBN 81-85431-08-6.

We have Wikified content regarding Jats on Jatland:

Jats, Their Settlements and Strongholds in Eurasia

Mangal Sen Jindal[1] quotes Professor Cothburn Oneal in his work “Conquests of Tamerlane” published by Avon Publications Inc. 575 Madison Avenue – New York 22. This book mentions following cities as ‘Jat Strongholds’ in Russia and near about:

1. Almalyk (Alma – Ata): Pages 97, 232

2. Bokhara: Page 125,

3. Khojend (Khokand) now Ferghana, page 125,

4. Karshi (now BekBudi): Page 125,

5. Samarkand: Pages 103, 104, 106

6. Tashkant: Pages 108, 110

7. Otrar: Page 108

Jats who were residing there in strongholds in large numbers and were a source of permanent trouble to Timur-lung settled Uzbekistan.

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