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Manjh (मांझ)[1] Manj (मांज)[2] Manjha (मांझा) Majh (माझ) Majha (माझा) is the name of people of Malwa in Punjab. Manjha (मांझा)/Manjo (मांजो) is a Baloch Jat clan found in Afghanistan.[3]



Malwa is a region of Punjab and parts of Haryana between the Satluj and Yamuna rivers. This Malwa should not be confused with the Malwa Plateau region of Madhya Pradesh, Central India.[4]

According to H.A. Rose[5] Khera was the son of a Sidhu Jat's daughter and treated his relations-in-law harshly — whence the name Khera fr. kharwa, 'bitter.'

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Distribution in Punjab

Found in Lidhran village in tahsil Jalandhar -II of district Jalandhar in Punjab.


Notable persons


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