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Nasir (नासिर)[1] Naseer (नासीर) Naasir (नासीर) Nassir (नसिर)[2] gotra Jats live in Jaipur district in Rajasthan and also in Delhi.

Meaning and Origin

Nāsir is defined as the van of an army , as champion who advances before the line. [3] They are a Jat clan. (cf. mount Nisir of Assyrians) [4]


Locations in Jaipur city

Airport Colony, Ambabari,

Locations in Delhi

Village Naankhedi, near Gurgaon Border(Haryana)


H W Bellew [5] writes that Several of the Ghilji or Ghilzai clans are almost wholly engaged in the carrying-trade between India and Afghanistan, and the northern states of Central Asia, and have been so for many centuries to the exclusion almost of all the other tribes of the country. The principal clans employed in this great carrying-trade are the Niazi, Nasar, Kharoti, and, to some extent, the Sulemankhel. From the nature of their occupation they are collectively styled, or individually so far as that goes, Povinda and Lawani, or Lohani. These terms, it appears, are derived from the Persian words parwinda, "a bale of merchandise," and rawani, a "traveller."

H W Bellew [6] writes that The Kharoti and Nasir, for example, differ markedly in features, complexion, and stature from the Sulemankhel and Turan clans , and, moreover, keep a good deal to themselves in their internal clan government , whilst their hereditary occupation, as travelling merchants for a long course of centuries, without any other clans of the tribe joining them in it, is a remarkable fact, and, with the other circumstances stated, would seem to indicate a difference of origin.

Notable persons

Hoshiar Singh, ITS

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