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Naunwar (नौनवार) Nonwar (नोनवार) Nomnwar (नोंनवार)[1] Naundia (नौनदिया)[2] [3] Nunwar (नूनवार) Naunvar (नौनवार) Nainwar (नैनवार) is gotra of Jats found in Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.


The gotra is said to be originated from King named Nanavatu (ननवतु). [4]

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Naunwar (नौनवार) gotra Jats are found in Madhya Pradesh.

Villages in Bhopal district

Bhopal, Pardi

Villages in Shajapur district

Gulana (Shajapur), Makhawad (Shajapur), Shujalpur Mandi (Shajapur) Panwadi,

Villages in Narsinghpur district

Kandeli (Narsinghpur tahsil)

Villages in Gwalior District

Aroli, Sisgaon,

Villages in Morena District


Villages in Indore District

Tigaria Badshah,

Villages in Vidisha District

Nainwar (नैनवार) Jats live in villages: Manesha,

Distribution in Andhra Pradesh

Nunwar (नूनवार) gotra of Jats found in Andhra Pradesh.


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