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Map of Hafizabad

Pindi Bhattian (Hindi:पिण्डीभट्टियां, Urdu: پنڈی بھٹیاں) is a city and tehsil in Hafizabad district in the state of Punjab, Pakistan.


It is a one of the ancient cities of Pakistan. The famous city of Pindi Bhattian was ruled by the famous Bhangi Sikh Dynasty.

City is famous of Bhatti family and named after that. Dulla Bhatti was the most famous person from Pindi Bhattian.

H A Rose[1] writes that in Gujrat the Bhattis trace their first settlements back to Dulla Bhatti, Raja of Pindi Bhattian who was put to death by Akbar. All his family was in Akbar's camp on the Jhelum, where they were kept in durance until released at the intercession of a faqir whose shrine is still pointed out at Chhapar on the bank of that river. Dulla's son, Kamal Khan was allowed to settle on the waste lands near Ghaman, still a Bhatti village, while the rest returned to Pindi Bhattian.

Notable persons

  • Dulla Bhatti, Rajput Legend
  • Assad Saleem Shiekh, A state-wise re-known writter
  • Liaqat Abbas Bhatti, Politician
  • Shahid Hussain Bhatti, Politician


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