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Bhairamgarh on Map of Dantewara district

Potanar (also Potinar) is a village in Dantewara district of Chhattisgarh.


Potanar is situated near Bhairamgarh on left bank of Indravati River in Dantewara district. It is about 70 miles west of Jagdalpur.


Bhairamgarh has three or four temples, together with remains of a fort and a ditch and several tanks. There is an inscription on a pillar, and at Potanar, a village near Bhairamgarh, there is a slab inscribed on four sides.

The Potinar slab seems to refer to Narasimhadeva and the Dantewara stone lying outside the Dantesrari temple to Jayasimhadeva. [1]

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