Ramnagar Urf Rampura

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Ramnagar Urf Rampura (रामनगर उर्फ़ रमपुरा) is a village in tahsil and District Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh.


Village is situated on Moradabad-Haridwar road at 23th km. It is 5km in south of Matlavpur railway station. Population is 550. A river named Karula flows through the village.

Jat Gotras

There 80 havelis in the village out of then clan wise position of Jats is is Sindhu (4), Kaped (4), Dhaka (65), rest Kashyap.


Village was founded by a Jat named Ram Singh of Kaped gotra. Hence the name Ramnagar Urf Rampura. Later on his two relatives Moti Singh and Lauti Singh came from Dhakauli in Meerut district and settled here.


Notable persons

  • Er. Vijay Singh - Social reformer

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  • Balvir Singh: Jat Samaj, Agra, September 2002, p. 9

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