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For a city of this name in Rajasthan see Reni

Reni (Ukrainian: Рені; Romanian: Reni; Russian: Рени) is a small town in the Odessa Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Reni Raion (district), and is located in the Bessarabian historic district of Budjak. The settlement was founded around 1548, acquiring city status in 1821.


The current estimated population is around 20,000. The surrounding Reniysky Raion includes some 41,000 people, 49% of them ethnic Romanians, 18% Ukrainians, 15% Russians, 8.5% Bulgarians and 8% Gagauz.


A railway linking Moldova and Romania passes through Reni, since the city was a part of Romania prior to 1947, when it was claimed by the Soviet Union. The port of Reni is the biggest one on Danube river and was the sixth one in the former Soviet Union.

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