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Location of Ringas in Sikar district

Ringas (रींगस) is a city in Sri Madhopur tahsil of Sikar district in Rajasthan. It was founded by Nitharwal gotra Jats.


Nitharwal ancestor


According to Mansukh Ranwa there is a village Nithara near Viratnagar in Jaipur district. The Jats of this village were called Nitharwal. They have descended from Kachwaha vans. They migrated from village Nithara and founded village Hanspur. Later on they founded villages Bharni, Ringas and Sitarampur.

Ringas Inscription VS 1219 (1162 AD)

Historical Monuments

Jat Gotras

Notable Persons

  • Abhay Beniwal - medical student pursuing MBBS at Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner.
  • Arjun Singh Baloda - Asstt. Prof. Swami Keshvanand RAU, Bikaner, Date of Birth : 2-February-1968, Ward No-1, Khatu Road, Reengus, distt.- Sikar, Present Address : B-42, Jamanapuri, Murlipura Scheme, Jaipur, Phone : 0141-2420370, Mob: 9414065091, Email Address : arjunsingh_baloda@rediffmail.com
  • Bhanwar Singh Balwada - CI Police, Date of Birth : 10-February-1966, VPO - Ringas, Present Address : Plot No. 61, Jamanapuri 4-C, Murlipura, Jaipur-302013, Phone Number : 0141-2421079, Mob: 9785247944
  • Subhash Bajia - RAS (2012), from Ringas
  • Mahavir Kharra - RAS (2012), from Ringas (Ringas, Sikar) [1]

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