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(Bhambhoo, Bhambu, Bhambhu, Bhabhu, Bambhu, Bhanmu, Bhanbhu, Bambu, Bhambu, Bhanbu, Bhabhu, Bhanbhu)

Location : Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh

Country : India, Afghanistan

Languages : Rajasthani, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Hindi

Religion : Hinduism

Bhamu (भामू) Bhambhoo (भाम्भू) Bhambu (भाम्बु) Bhambhu (भाम्बू) Bhabhu (भाभू) Bambhu (बाम्भु) Bhanmu (भांमू)[1] Bhanmu (भानमू) Bhanbhu (भानभू) Bambu (बाम्बू) Bhambu (भम्बू)[2] [3] Bhanbu (भंबू)[4] Bhabhu(भाभू) [5] Bhanmu (भानमू)[6] Bhanbhu (भांभू) [7] is gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan,[8] Bhimbar (भिंबर)[9] Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Bhimbar/Bhambu clan is found in Afghanistan.[10] Bhamu, Dookiya and Dotasra consider descended from common ancestor and were integral part of Tomar Confederacy.



A city named Bhambura in Sindh, is mentioned by Cunningham as capital of a king, named Bhambu Raja in tenth century AD.[13][14]

Bhambura was an ancient ruined city in Lower Sindh, Pakistan. It was capital of Bhambu Raja in about the tenth century. It was deserted in about A.D. 1250 on account of the failure of the Ghara river, which was the most westerly branch of the Indus.[15] Alexander Cunningham has identified Bhambura with the town of Barke, which Alexander built on his return up the river.[16]

In the Damoh Stone Inscription of Vijayasimha, of the Kalachuri dynasty from 10th-12th centuries, a virtuous man devoted to Bhambhukadeva. He is said to have fought at Chittor, conquered the Delhi armies, scattered the Deccan forces close to Mahāgadh, and driven out the Gurjaras. Here Bhambhukadeva probably is the ruler of Bhambhu Gotra.

Alexander Cunningham[17] mentions state of Muhammadan chief Bhimbar, at foot of hills in Hill states of Punjab. Bhimbar and Khariali were divisions of the Chibh, or Chibhan, branch of the Somvansi Rajas of Kangra and Jalandhar. In early times the name of Bhimbar was little used, the common appellation being Chibhan, which is found in Sharifuddin's history of Timur, under the form of Jibhal. The conversion of the family to Muhammadanism is probably of late date, as Ferishta mentions Howns Raja of Bhimbar in A.H. 891, or A.D. 1486.[18] But so many of these hill chiefs retained their Hindu names after they became Muhammadans, that the Hindu name alone cannot be taken as a decisive proof of his being unconverted.


लोक देवता तेजाजी (1074-1103 ई.) के भाई गुणराज (गुणजी) की पत्नी रीतां भाम्भू गोत्र की थी।

संत श्री कान्हाराम[19] ने लिखा है कि....खरनाल के धौलिया गोत्र के भाट भैरूराम की पोथी में तेजाजी के भाईयों के नाम और भाभियाँ निम्नानुसार थे –

  • 1. रूपजीत (रूपजी) ... पत्नी रतनाई (रतनी) खीचड़
  • 2. रणजीत (रणजी)...पत्नी शेरां टांडी
  • 3. गुणराज (गुणजी) ....पत्नी रीतां भाम्भू
  • 4. महेशजी ...पत्नी राजां बसवाणी
  • 5. नगराज (नगजी)....पत्नी माया बटियासर

रूपजी की पीढ़ियाँ - .... 1. दोवड़सी 2. जस्साराम 3. शेराराम 4. अरसजी 5. सुवाराम 6 मेवाराम 7. हरपालजी

भामू गणराज्य

गणेश बेरवाल[20] ने लिखा है कि राजगढ़ के बारे में सरकारी गज़ट में अंकित है कि यह महान थार रेगिस्तान का गेट है, जहां से होकर दिल्ली से सिंध तक के काफिले गुजरते हैं। 1620 ई. के पहले यहाँ प्रजातांत्रिक गणों की व्यवस्था थी जिसमें भामू, डुडी, झाझरिया, मलिक, पूनीयां, राडसर्वाग गणतांत्रिक शासक थे । जैतपुर पूनिया गाँव था जहां से झासल, भादरा (हनुमानगढ़) तक का बड़ा गण था। जिसका मुख्यलय सिधमुख था। गण में एक ही व्यक्ति सिपाही भी था और किसान भी। लड़ाई होने पर पूरा गण मिलकर लड़ता था। राठोड़ों की नियमित सेना ने इनको गुलाम बनाया।

रामपुरा उर्फ रामसरा के भांभू

भांभू गोत्र के बड़वा के अनुसार भांबू, डूकिया और डोटासरा तीनों गोत्र का नख तोमर है। भांबू गोत्र के लोग दिल्ली से निकल कर पहले भरतपुर में आबाद हुये, उसके पश्चात फ़तेहपुर जिला सीकर में आबाद हुये। वहाँ से चलकर वे राजलवाडा गाँव (तहसील:सरदारशहर, जिला:चुरू) में बसे।

भांभू गोत्र में चौधरी मघाराम भांभू सर्वप्रथम राजलवाडा गाँव (तहसील:सरदारशहर, जिला:चुरू)) से रामपुरिया आकर बसे।

In Rajatarangini

Rajatarangini[21] tells us that when Sussala became king of Kashmir second time in 1121 AD he had to face defeat but continued the renewal of war. .... Although the king Sussala's army was destroyed, yet with twenty or thirty men of the royal blood and of his own country, Sussala faced the enemies. Nila and others, sons of Viḍāla, born of the family of Bhāvuka, of the royal blood and of his own country, helped Sussala in facing the enemies in 1121 AD. (p.92)

Rajatarangini[22] tells us ...At the time of Murder of the king Sussala in 1127 AD, Sahajapala, the ornament of the line of Bhavuka, of superior prowess among the spiritless servants of the king, ran with sword and shield ; and when the rebels saw him, they went out by a side way. But this powerful man was wounded by their servants, and he fell on the ground. The shame of the Rajpoots was washed by his blood. [ VIII (i),p.113-114<]

Villages founded by Bhamu clan

Damoh Stone Inscription of Vijayasimha

(Deposited in the Nagpur Museum)

This record is in Rajasthani and Sanskrit, the one being a free translation of the other. It recites that one Vijayapala was born in the Visvamitra gotra. He conquered a great hero named Kāī. His son was Bhuvanapala, whose son Harsharaja is stated to have defeated the kings of Kalanjara, Dahali (Dāhal), Gurjara and the Deccan, Harsharaja's son was Vijayasimha, a virtuous man devoted to Bhambhukadeva. He is said to have fought at Chittor, conquered the Delhi armies, scattered the Deccan forces close to Mahāgadh, and driven out the Gurjaras.

The absence of any regal title indicates that the persons named in the record were perhaps commanders of armies who overran a number of countries, including Dahala, the Kalachuris' kingdom, which included Damoh. They left no trace of their raid except this inscription, the language of which points to their home in Rajputana.

It is possible that they may have been related to the Guhila Princes of Mevad. In that dynasty there was one Vijayasimha who married Syamaladevi, daughter of Udayaditya of Malava, by whom he had a daughter Alhanadevi who married Gayakarna of Dahala. Unfortunately the stone is broken, so that if there was any date it is lost.

Source - Hira Lal:Descriptive lists of inscriptions in the Central provinces and Berar, p.49

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Ajmer district

Paner (5),

Locations in Jaipur city

22 Godam, Ambabari, Bagruwalon ka Rasta, Malviy nagar, Moti Nagar, Murlipura Scheme, Sanganer, Shastri Nagar,

Villages in Jaipur district

Bambhu (बाम्भू) Jats live in villages: Dusala ki Dhani (1), Mukundpura Dadawata (1), Naya Mauja (1),

Bamu (बामू) Jats live in villages: Chauru (3), Dhamana (1),

Bamun (बामूं) Jats live in villages: Banmuon ki Dhani (6),

Banbhu (बांभू) Jats live in villages: Birampura Pipala (1), Chauru (1), Gopalpura Jhadala (3), Keria Bamu (2) Mandawari,

Bhamu (भामु) Jats live in villages:

Chandma Khurd (4), Surastipura (2), Tibariyan, Gangati Kalan, Madanpura, Paloo Khurd, Prithvipura, Tibariya

Bhamun (भामुं) Jats live in villages:

Surastipura (4), Maheshwas, Turkyawas Renwal (2),

Bhambhu Jats live in villages: Bhukarka, Ramgarh, Charanwasi, Kashiram Ka Bas

Bhambhu Jats live in villages: Dhani Devaji Wali (Shahpura,

Villages in Sikar district

Anokhoo, Bajad Ki Dhani, Balwantpura, Bhairoopura (150), Bhairupura Jageer, Bharija, Bhilunda, Ghassu Ka Bas, Gokulpura, Jagmalpura, Jajas, Jeenwas (5), Jethwan Ka Bas (4), Kasli Katrathal, Losal, Manda Madni, Mordunga, Nagwa, Nasod, Ringas, Sikar, Sutod, Thethalia,

Villages in Churu district

Bhamasi, Binasar, Binadesar (40), Bidasar, Buchawas , Chhapar Churu (7), Depalsar, Dhadheru Bhamuwan, Dheerwas Bara, Dunkar, Godas, Hamusar (60), Jyak, Kadia, Khariya Bara, Ramdeora, Pithisar, Punras, Rajalwara, Sardarshahar, Sujangarh (17),

Villages in Jodhpur district

Bambore Darjiyan, Bawarli, Bhabhuon Ki Dhani, Chamu, Daikara, Jatipura Jodhpur, Jodhpur, Khara Bera, Lohawat, Narayanpura, Ostaran,

Villages in Nagaur district

Barwala Makrana, Berathal Kalan, Bikharniya Kalan, Bikharniya Khurd, Bodind Khurd, Chindaliya, Dhehari, Goredi Chancha, Goredi Karna, Jeslan, Hudas, Kalri, Kasnau, Khari Karamsotan, Lamba Jatan, Lunda, Mithariya, Noond, Peedwa (10), Palot (10), Potliya Manjra (2), Rajlota, Ramgarh Nagaur, Rodoo, Sarasani, Siradhana, Soneli, Sukhwasi, Tarnau.

Villages in Barmer district

Aadel, Adarsh Jogasar, Amarji Ki Dhani, Barmer, Bataru, Bayatu Bhimji, Baytoo, Bhabhuon Ka Tala, Bhabhuon Ki Beri, Bhabhuon Ki Dhani, Bhambhuon Ka Bas, Bhimarlai (भीमरलाई), Dakhan (2), Dharasar, Jooni Undari, Kanasar, Kawas, Lookhu, Madpura Barwala, Maliyon Ki Dhani (30) Mokhab Khurd, Newai, Nimboniyon Ki Dhani, Nokhra, Rateu, Rawatsar Barmer, Sahar, Tajoni, Udasar,

Villages in Bikaner district

Beekasar, Kedli (20), Khajuwala, Mummasar, Nakodesar, Nokhagaon (20), Sadhoona, Soor Pura, Takhatpura,

Villages in Hanumangarh district

3 Rwd, Bhukarka, Charanwasi, Chindalia, Dabli Rathan, Dhani Bhambhuan, Dholipal, Dudali, Hanumangarh, Jojasar, Kalana, Kharakhera, Khothanwali, Ludhana, Maliya Nohar, Manaktheri, Naulakhi, Phephana, Rajpura Bas, Ramgarh, Ramgarh Ujjalwas, Rampura Matoria, Rampura Urf Ramsara, Rorawali, Sangaria, Shri Ramgarh,

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Alipur, Bhorki (20), Gopalpura, Maligaon, Narnod, Tiba Basai,

Villages in Sri Ganganagar district

Lakha Hakam,

Villages in Tonk district

Ali Nagar (1), Aranya Kankad (3), Bajya ka Mauja (Parana) (1), Bijalpura (3), Hamirpur (2), Kumharia (1), Taharpura (1),

Villages in Alwar district

Ghat , Narnol Kalan, Ronpur,

Villages in Dausa district

Anandpura, Harnathpura Bandikui,

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Hisar district

Badala Hisar Dobhi, Kaimri, Ladwi,

Villages in Gurgaon district


Villages in Sirsa district

Dhukara, Jamal, Kashiram Ka Bas, Madho Singhana, Sadewalla,

Villages in Karnal district

Bhambar Heri village is in Asandh Tehsil situated of Karnal District of Haryana.

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Mandsaur district

Bugalia (Gujarda),

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of this gotra are:

Bardiya Goyal 3, Berchha 2, Bhatkheda 3, Bilpank 5, Chikliya 2, Dantodiya 2, Dhaunswas 1, Dheekwa 3, Ghatwas 3, Kalmoda 5, Kalori 1, Kalori Khurd 1, Lapatia 2, Mundari 1, Nalkui 1, Narayangarh Sailana 1, Negarda 2, Sikhedi 1, Surana 4,

Villages in Dewas district

Dabribuzurg, Siralya (7) Pipalkota Bagankheda

Villages in Indore district


Villages in Harda district

Abagaon Khurd (2), Harda,

Villages in Khargone district


Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Hathras district

Nagla Bhambujat (t.Sasni),

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district

Husainabad Bhambara is a village in Burhana tahsil in Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh.

Distrbution in Punjab

Villages in Patiala district

Village in Fazilka district

Bodiwala Pitha, Jhurar Khera,

Distribution in Pakistan

Bhanbo =130 population at Villages Datarno Tar, Patarno Tar, Nagarparkar.

Notable persons

  • Shaheed Umaram Bhamu (1978-2015) was born on 14 January 1978 in village Kalri of Nagaur district in Rajasthan. He was in Rajasthan Police posted at Panchu thana of Nokha tahsil in Bikaner district, Rajasthan. He lost his life on 7 September 2015 fighting with the poachers for the protection of wild life.
  • Sanwarmal Bhamu - From village- Tibariya, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Became a martyr of Militancy in Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir on 12 April 2017. He was Havaldar in 20 Jat Regiment.
  • Narayan Singh Bhamu (नारायण सिंह भामू), from Bhamarwasi, Chirawa, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, was a Freedom fighter and hero of Shekhawati farmers movement.[28]
  • Hanuman Singh Bhamu (कुंवर हनुमानसिंह भामू) from Bamuon Ki Dhani, Sikar, Rajasthan, was a Freedom Fighter who took part in Shekhawati farmers movement in Rajasthan. [29]
  • Bhagirath Mal Bhamu - Chief Engineer JVVNL, Great grandson of Ishwar Singh Bhamu, Date of Birth : 12-February-1960, VPO.- Bhairunpura, teh.-Lachhmangarh , distt.- Sikar, Present Address : Flat No 406,Shiv Enclave ,Shiv Marg ,Bani Park, Jaipur, Phone Number : 0141-2204111, Mob: 9414004020, Email Address :
  • Sohan Lal Bhamu- A worker's leader in Rajasthan,State President of CITU (R.S.R.T.C.),Sikar,Ph:01572-259590
  • Laxmi Narayan Bhambhu: A social worker and politician
  • Km. Yogita Bhamu - Meritorious girl. Rajasthan Madhyamik Shiksha Board - 2010, Merit list, Rank 5. She is from Alipur Jhunjhunu village.
  • Sumit Bhambu - IIT (2010)
  • Kana Ram Bhamu - Ex-Indian Army(1961-1978)
  • Jagdeep Bhambhu: social worker and Teacher Ramgarh
  • Mahaveer Singh (Bhambu) - RPS, ADDL.S.P., Village .& Po.: Bhamasi, tahsil Rajgarh Churu, Distt. Churu, Present Address : 28, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nagar, Jaipur Mob.No.-9828134509, Resident Phone Number : 0141-2786239, Mobile Number : 9829067066
  • Arvind Bhamu - S/O Sajjan Kumar Bhamu - Did an act of bravery in a truck accident near Dhadhar on 13 June 2012 and was awarded Jat Veer title. [30]mob-9351969933,9672273233
  • S. R. Bhamu - A O AG (Audit), Date of Birth : 10-April-1962, Present Address : KHA-4, SRI RAM COLONY, RAM NAGAR EXTN., SODALA, JIPUR, RAJ. Mobile: 9660974925
  • Tiku Ram Choudhary (Bhambhu) - DIV. ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Railways , Date of Birth : 19-June-1959, Village - Surpura, Teh.- Nokha, Distt.- Barmer, Rajasthan, Present Address : Infront of Mahila ITI, Bikaner Mob. No.9414417048, Phone: 0151-2241636, Mobile Number : 9414417048
  • K. D. Choudhary (Bhambu) - Sr. Geologist GSI, Date of Birth : 1-June-1961, VPO.- Naulakhi ,Teh.- Rawatsar DIST.- Hanumangarh, Present Address : 20/75-76 ,MLA QTS.,MANSAROVAR , JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN, Mob: 9414637005
  • Vijay Singh Bhambhu - Dy. Commandant Civil Defence & Home Guard, Date of Birth : 11-February-1968, Permanent Address : Chack - 21 M.L. Teh.& distt. Sri Ganganagar(Rajasthan) PIN- 335001, Present Address : 52, Shivraj Niketan,Vaishali Nagar, JAIPUR PIN-302021, Resident Phone Number : 0141-5179894, Mobile Number : 9414324777, Email Address :
  • Arjun Lal Choudhary (Bhamoo) - Agri. Research Officer (Agro), Date of Birth : 1-July-1966, Village - Prithvipura, P.O.- Khandel, Teh.- Phulera, Dist.- jaipur (Raj.), Present Address : 22, Brijmandal colony, Near Sai Public School, Kalwar Road, Jhotwara, jaipur (Raj.), Phone : 0141-2345622, Mob: 9414363024, Email Address :
  • Dr. Vijay Pal Choudhary (Bhamoo) - M.S.( Otho.), Village - Prithvipura, P.O. Khandel, Teh. Phulera, Dist. Jaipur (Raj.), Present Address : 22 Brijmandal Colony, Kalwar Road, Jhotwara, Jaipur. Phone : 0141-2345622, Mob: 9414473768
  • Ganga Ram Bhambhu - 2 IC BSF, from village Madpura Barwala (Barmer), DOB:12-8-1945
  • Basti Ram Bhamu - From Narnod, Jhunjhunu, बस्ती राम नारनोद (भामू), 15 जून 1946 को झुंझुनू में किसान कार्यकर्ताओं की एक बैठक चौधरी घासी राम ने बुलाई. शेखावाटी के प्रमुख कार्यकर्ताओं ने इसमें भाग लिया. अध्यक्षता विद्याधर कुलहरी ने की. इसमें यह उभर कर आया कि भविष्य में समाजवादी विचारधारा को अपनाया जाये. जिन व्यक्तियों ने किसान सभा का अनुमोदन किया उनमें आप भी सम्मिलित थे. (राजेन्द्र कसवा, p. 201-03).
  • Major Vikas Bhambu - Son of Bhagirath Bhambu, Married to Shreya Chaudhary (Saran) - Ph. D. Commerce (Finance), Topper M.Com. IIS University, from Maderan, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan.

Gallery of Bhamu people


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