Risaldar Major Jag Ram

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Risaldar Major Jag Ram is recipient of Indian Distinguished Service Medal in 1918 for his bravery in war in Turkey.

Ram Sarup Joon[1] writes that ...Lancer Dafadar [later Risaldar Major] Jag Ram IDSM 14 Murrays Jat Lancers: He belonged to village Matan district Rohtak (now in district Jhajjar). In November 1918 C Squadron of 14 Lancers was ordered to attack an enemy stronghold in Turkey. The squadron extended at 4 yards interval and advanced in trot. On getting close, the squadron encountered thick barbed wire fence. The squadron commander considering further advance dangerous, ordered 'Files About'. Lance Dafadar Jagram who was centre Section Commander, shouted, "As you were". Then turning towards the squadron cp,amder, shouted, "Do you want to blacken the faces of Jats?" The squadron commander smiled and said 'Right Jagram' and ordered:"Gallop, line for attack. Charge."

History of the Jats, End of Page-227

The horses jumped the wire and the enemy surrendered. Jagram was awarded IDSM and the squadron commander earned VC.


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