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Sameja (समेजा) or Samejah[1] is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.




The branches of Yadu race are: 1. Yadu (Chief Karauli), 2. Bhatti (Chief Jaisalmer), 3. Jareja (Chief Cutch Bhuj), 4. Samecha (Muhammadans in Sind), 5. Madecha, 6. Bidman, 7. Badda, 8. Soha.[2]


Distribution in Pakistan

James Tod[3] writes that Samaicha clan is found in Sindh. Samaicha is one of the nayyad, or proselytes to Islam from the Sodha race, and nunerous both in the thal and the valley, where they have many puras or hamlets. They resemble the Dhatis in their habits, but many of them associate with the Sahariyas, and plunder their brethren. They never shave or touch the hair of their heads, and consequently look more like brutes than human beings. They allow no animal to die of disease, but kill it when they think there are no hopes of recovery. The Samaicha women have the reputation of being great scolds, and never veil their faces.


According to 1911 census the Sameja were the principal Muslim Jat clan in Bahawalpur State with population of Sameja (943) . [4]

Notable persons


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