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Location of Sankhoo in Churu district

Sankhoo or Sankhu (सांखू) is a town of historical importance located in Churu district of Rajasthan, India. It is situated in Rajgarh tehsil in Churu district in south direction near the border of Jhunjhunu district.


Poonia Jats. It was one of their districts.


  • As of 2001 census, the population of village was 6350 out of them 1018 were SC and 122 were ST people.
  • As per Census-2011 statistics, Sankhoo village has the total population of 5728 (of which 2941 are males while 2787 are females).[1]

Punia rule

According to James Tod as mentioned in his book "Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan (1829)" the Jangladesh region was inhabited by Jats or Jits, who had for ages been established in these arid abodes. At every stage of invasion to India the invaders had to encounter with the Jats of this region. At what period the Jats established themselves in the Indian desert is not known. By the 4th century they had spread upto Punjab in India.

Nearly the whole of the territory forming the boundaries of Bikaner was possessed by the six Jat cantons namely:—

1. Poonia, 2, Godara, 3. Saran 4. Asiagh 5. Beniwal 6. Johiya, or Joweya

Each canton bore the name of the community, and was subdivided into districts. Number of villages in each canton and Districts included in them were as under :

Poonia : Villages - 300 Districts : Bhadra, Ajitpura, Sidhmukh, Rajgarh, Dadrewa, Sankhoo, etc. [2]

किसानों की सार्वजनिक सभा

राजगढ़ तहसील के गाँव सांखू फोर्ट में किसानों ने एक सार्वजनिक सभा का आयोजन किया. यह गाँव दूलपुरा के निकट ही है. इसमें झुंझुनू जिले के और राजगढ़ तहसील के किसान नेता एकत्रित हुए थे. मोहरसिंह जैतपुरा ने अपने जोशीले गीतों से समां बांध दी. उन्होंने मोती सिंह की तुलना भगत सिंह और चन्द्र शेखर आजाद जैसे क्रांतिकारियों से की. सरदार हरलाल सिंह ने मोती सिंह को अद्भुत जीवत वाला व्यक्ति माना और घासीराम चौधरी ने मोती सिंह को वीरता की प्रतिक तलवार भेंट की. [3]

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