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Sehri (सेहरी) or Sahari village is situated in Sonipat district of Haryana (under Kharkhoda Tehsil). Nearby village is Khandaa so its often called and known as Sehri - Khandaa (सेहरी-खांडा).


Dahiya (दहिया)


The Sehri village has population of 2819 of which 1508 are males while 1311 are females as per Population Census 2011.[1]


Aurangzeb died on 3 Mar 1707 and his three sons indulged in a war of succession. In Nov 1708, Guru Gobind Singh followed Bahadur Shah's forces marching towards Deccan. He met Banda Bairagi Madhodas at Nander. He found the Banda Bairagi capable of leading the Panth, and persuaded him to come to Punjab. While on his way to Punjab, Banda Bairagi broke his journey at Sehri - Khandaa a Jat village of Dahiya Gotra, 20 miles west of Delhi. From there he dispatched letters to all the Jathedars of the Panth to concentrate forthwith. He planned to attack and loot the Royal treasury by and by the Sikhs started arriving and the strength of the force rose to 14000. He attached Samana, overran Sadhora, Kunjpura etc and finally overpowered and killed the Ruler of Sirhind named Wazirkhan. The people who had taken active part in the conspiracy against Guru Govind Singh and his sons were searched for and sentenced one by one.

Notable persons

  • Bhim Singh Dahiya (1940 - 2000) (भीमसिंह दहिया) was a historian and civil servant belonging to the Indian Revenue Services (IRS). He was born at village Sehri, District Sonipat

in Haryana.

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