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Sohi (सोही)[1]Soi (सोई) Sohe (सोहे)[2] [3]is Jat Gotra in Punjab and Jind Haryana. Sohi clan have no Jathera at all.[4]


Mount Abu Vimala Temple Inscription of v.s. 1378 mentions about Sohi in shloka 26 along with Degā - Desala - Kuladhara Jats.

Sohi-Degā-Desala-Kuladhara-nāmnā tad-amgaja jātāh |
chatvarah kulamamdira-sudriḍhastambh-abhirāmā [ye ||] 26

The Nanana grant of Alhana, A Feudatory of Kumarapala Chaulukya V. 1219 and 1220 mentions The genealogy of the donor, the Chahamana ruler, Alhana, a ruler named Sohi in line 6:

6. श्रीमल्‍लक्ष्‍मणनामभूपति [रभू] त्‍संग्रामरामोपम: || तत्‍पुत्रोथ बभूव सोहि...। नडडूले

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Sangrur district

Villages in Patiala district

Sohi population is 9,000 in Patiala district.[5]

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Kurukshetra district


Notable Persons

  • Lt-Col S.S. Sohi (retd),president of the Ex-servicemen’s Grievances Cell[6]

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