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Sirohi (सिरोही)[1] Sarohi (सरोही)[2] [3] Siroya (सिरोया) Saroha (सरोहा) [4] Gotra Jats are found in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Syroi clan is found in Afghanistan.[5]


Taank Kingdom in 565 AD

Ram Swarup Joon[6] writes about Lalla, Saroha or Sirohi, Gathwala and Malik (branch of Madraka): Malak, Gathwala, Tank, Bura and Sangroha are the gotras of the same dynasty. According to the Bards of the Gathwala, the latter on being ousted from Ghazni, moved towards Multan and Satluj River. They were accompanied by their Bards, some of who became Doms and Barbers. The Malak and Gathwala (Kath) republics existed in the Punjab at the time of Alexander's invasion. They also lived in Jhang and Bahawalpur State later. They ruled over Dipalpur near Hansi. Kutubuddin Aibak defeated them and drove them out of their capital. Later on, they spread out to Rohtak and Muzaffarnagar districts. They continued to struggle against Panwar and Midhan Rajputs. They have 35 villages in Rohtak district. Chaudhary Bacha Ram is regarded the leader of a big Khap (republic) of 160 villages besides 10 villages in Jind State, in district Hissar, 2 in Meerut, 52 in Muzaffarnagar and some in Himachal Pradesh.

Bure/Buras and Sirohis are at present found in Rajasthan, Karmach, Burhakhera, Jind and Karnal, and 12 other villages like Khosra, Bhador, and Girana. In addition they have six villages in Patiala, one village Saidpur, and 8 other villages in Bulandshahr District of UP. Sagroha is a derivative of the word 'Saroha" and exists as a separate gotra.

In popular Parlance, the Tank - Sarohas are mentioned together like 'Dahiya-Dabas' and 'Siddhu - Brar' combination). The Cities of Tonk, Sirohi are named after them. At one time, the entire Punjab was called Tank Desa. The reports of The Chinese pilgrims confirm this fact. Originally they were worshippers of the Snake-Garlanded form of Shiva. Hence they were called Nagas also. [7] [8]

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Barkat Nagarm C-Schemem Jawahar Nagar, Mansarowar Colony, Moti Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Vidyut Nagar,

Villages in Bharatpur district


Villages in Nagaur district

Aakeli-A, Athiyasan, Firod, Gotan, Nagaur,

Villages in Jodhpur district

Riyan Sethon Ki,

Villages in Barmer district


Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Faridabad District

Samaipur, Sarurpur,

Villages in Kaithal district


Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Ghaziabad district

Patala Ghaziabad, Savie,

Villages in Hapur district

Himayunpur, Pawati Hapur, Sadikpur, Saina, Simbhaoli, Shyampur Jatt,

Villages in Bulandshahr district

Akabarpr Raina, Banboi, Dalpatpur Mukteshvera, Dhakouli, Fatehpur, Karim Nagar Banboi, Khad Mohan Nagar, Khairi / Kheri, Lauthor, Malakpur Anupshahr, Nirsukha, Palipartapur, Saidpur, Sehra Bulandshahr, Sena, Sihi, Sikhera Bulandshahr, Pasauli, Bhamrauli, Bhirawti, Ghansoorpur Bulandshahar, Shekupur Raura,

Villages in Meerut district

Chirori, Jhitkari, Jani, Kherki Muzakkipur, Lalsana, Pathauli, Ramraj, Sakoti,

Villages in Bareilly district


Villages in Moradabad district

Tanda Amarpur, Gursari,

Villages in Jyotiba Phule Nagar district

Kailsa, Mohammadpur, Shahwajpur Kalan, Waraspur Kalan,

Villages in Saharanpur district

Chandena Koli,

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

In MP they are found in Bhopal and Bhairopur village in Harda district. Also in Vidisha

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of this gotra are:

Ghatwas 1, Kalori khurd 1, Negarda 1, Sikhedi 1,

Villages in Vidisha district


Villages in Dewas district

Amodiya, Baijagwada, Kanwlasa, Khal, Kumariyarao, Neemlay, Siralya (4),

Villages in Dhar district


Villages in Sehore district

Nimnagaon, Sehore,

Villages in Harda district

Abgaon Kalan, Adampur Harda, Alanpur Harda, Bhairopur, Bhonkhedi, Bhunnas, Bichhapur, Dewas Harda, Gullas, Jhugariya, Kheda Harda, Nandara, Nayagaon, Nausar,

Villages in Gwalior district

Gwalior, Morar (Gwalior),

Villages in Bhopal district

Kolar Bhopal,

Villages in Hoshangabad district

Chapara Garhan

Villages in Ujjain district

Barkheda Tarana, Barukhedi,

Villages in Khandwa district

Dang Khnandwa,

Jat Monuments

Notable Persons

  • Chandra Pal Singh Sirohi (20.05.1935 – 07.06.2019) was a social worker and twice president of Jat Samaj Kalyan Parishad Gwalior. He was a key person in constructing Jat Dharmshala in Gwalior and establishing statue of Maharaja Bhim Singh Rana in Gwalior. Originally from Sihi village in Gulaothi tahsil of Bulandshahr, he settled at Gwalior after retirement. He served in Accounts Department of Defence Research and Development Organisation.
  • Archana Sirohi - RAS. From Bharatpur, Rajasthan
  • Pratap Ram Siroya - RPS, Date of Birth : 9-March-1955. Designation : Dy. SP. VPO- Firod, Teh. & Distt. - Nagaur, Rajasthan. Present Address : 7, Ekta Nagar, Benar Road, Jodhpur, Raj. Resident Phone Number : 0291-2263177. Mobile Number : 9413337770
  • Satendra Kumar (Sirohi) - X.En. PWD, Date of Birth : 23-September-1961, Permanent Address : 40, Geeta Colony, Agra Road, Bharatpur, Present Address : KR-356, Chambal Garden Road , Kota, Phone: 0744-2501297, Mob: 9829113596


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