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Thanwala (थांवला) is a large village (in fact, a town) in Degana tehsil of Nagaur district in Rajasthan.


Thamvala inscription of Singhraja V. 1013 (956 AD)

We get information about Chauhan ruler Singhraja from this Inscription. Its transcript shows that Simharaja bore the title Maharajadhiraja. His father, Vakpati, had to remain content with the title of Maharaja,though he won 188 victories. Further, the inscription testifies to his mastery over the territory that included Merta and probably, also Pushkar. That Simharaja was a Saiva is known from the Harsha inscription of V. 1030 (973 A.D.). From this inscription, we further gather that he was a worshipper also of Aditya, i.e., the Sun. (Dasharatha Sharma, Early Chauhan Dynasties)

The Thamvala inscription of Singhraja dated V. 1013 (956 AD) speaks of the Sun Image called Rannaditya; Ranna here perhaps standing for Rajni as suggested by Prof. D.C. Sarkar. [1]

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According to Census-2011 information:

With total 2329 families residing Thanwala town has the population of 12857 (of which 6560 are males while 6297 are females).[2]

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