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For village see Theba Jamnagar

Theba (थेबा) Thebo (थेबो) is gotra of Jats found in Pakistan. They are called Thebo in Sindh, Pakistan. It is same as Thebad (थेबड़) found in Rajasthan.


Arrian[1] writes that the Thebes had revolted against Alexander the Great in September, B.C. 335[2]. The Thebes were defeated and destroyed by Alexander. The inhabitants of Thebes were known as Thebans. Thebes was an ancient Egyptian city located east of the Nile about 800 kms south of the Mediterranean. It was the site of present Luxor. Theba and Thebad found in Jat clans appears to be a variant of Theban.


Villages founded by Theba clan

Distribution in Pakistan

Khairpur district in the Sindh province of Pakistan has population of Thebo tribe.

Distribution in Gujarat

Theba is village in Jamnagar district in Gujarat.

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