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Tulla is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.


Rajatarangini[1] mentions that Dhammata, son of Tanvangga, wished to get the kingdom by rebellion, and attempted to kill the king Harsha of Kashmir. The wily Dhammata induced Jayaraja, son of a prostitute Kayya for this purpose. Kalhana mentions in this reference Tulla, son of Ajjaka and grandson of Tanvangga.

Rajatarangini[2] further mentions that Tulla and others were enraged and intended to rebel, but were kept back by the wiles of Udayasinha. Udayasinha committed suicide by his sword. Pretending to lead them to the king, the officers shut Tulla and others up in the prison. The king was kind hearted and intended to spare them on account of their youth. But at night one wicked Vimbiya tortured them by tying a rope round their necks in the king's presence. Vimbiya murdered four of them, — Tulla, Vijayaraja, Vulla and Gulla. Even to this day, old men speak of their beauty, even after death, with tears in their eyes. Long was the place of their death known by their scattered teeth red with the murks of betel.

Distribution in Pakistan

Tulla - The Tulla claim Rajput ancestry. They are found in Gujrat, Jhelum and Mandi Bahauddin districts.

According to 1911 census the Tulla were the principal Muslim Jat clan in:

  • Shahpur (Sargodha District) District - Tulla (1,311)

Notable persons


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