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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Vishala (विशाल) was name ofa city mentioned in Mahavansha as capital of Mandadvipa, the ancient name of Sri Lanka. It was located in the west of Mahameghavana.[1]



In Mahavansha

Mahavansa/Chapter 15 mentions.... Mandadipa - during king Jayanta's reign this isle bore then the name of Mandadipa (Ch.15).... `Third in our age of the world was the Conqueror of the Kassapa clan, the all-knowing Teacher, compassionate toward the whole world. `The Mahamegha-grove was called (at that time) Mahasagara; the capital, named Visãla, lay toward the West. Jayanta was the name of the king of that region then, and this isle bore then the name of Mandadipa.... `At that time a hideous and life-destroying war had broken out between king Jayanta and his younger royal brother.

विशाल (लंका)

विशाल (लंका) (AS, p.863) : महावंश 15,126 में वर्णित है. इसको मंडद्वीप या लंका की प्राचीन राजधानी कहा है. यह नगर महामेघवन से पश्चिम की ओर स्थित था.[2]

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