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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (Retd.)

Indus River and its tributaries

Zhob River (Pashto: ژوب سيند‎) is located in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The total length of the Zhob River is 410 km, and it flows on a generally northeasterly course.

Origin of name

Linguistically the name is Irano-Aryan in origin and compares etymologically to those of the Little Zab and Great Zab rivers in the Tigris Basin. In the Pashto language, Zhob means "oozing water".[1]


The older name Yavyāvati/Yavyavati of the Rigveda may refer to the Zhob River.[2]


The Zhob River originates in the Kan Metarzai range (Tsari Mehtarazai Pass). It passes about 4 km west of the city of Zhob. As a tributary of the Gomal River, which it joins near Khajuri Kach, it forms a part of the Indus River Basin.

The Zhob River is used to irrigate the land in northern Balochistan along with the Gomal River, making the fertile soil available for agriculture.


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