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Author of this article is Dayanand Deswal दयानन्द देसवाल

Fort of Tarawadi

Tarawadi or Taraori or Tarain (तरावड़ी/ तराईं) is a village in Nilokheri tahsil of Karnal district in Haryana.


  • Ajamabad आजमाबाद = Tarayana तरायन (AS, p.61)
  • Tarayan तरायन = Taravari तरावड़ी (जिला करनाल, हरियाणा) (AS, p.392)


It is situated near National Highway No. 1, between Karnal and Kurukshetra. There is also a railway station in this village though long distance trains do not stop here. It is famous for finest produce of Basmati rice.

Jat gotras


Tarawadi is a historical village, which has witnessed many battles from invading armies from West Asia, including the ones between Prithviraj Chouhan and Muhammad Ghori in 1191 and 1192. Since the village is just 20 kilometres from Thanesar, it is believed to be one of the battlegrounds during Mahabharata war.

Western historians often use the spellings Tarain and Tarai and similarly sounding words for this village. The correct name of the place is TARAWADI or TARAORI. (तरावड़ी)

There is an ancient fort on the outskirts of the village, which now lies in neglected condition.

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