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Location of Ardawata in Jhunjhunu district

Ardawata (अरड़ावता) or Ardawta (अरड़ावता) is a village in Chirawa tahsil in Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan.


It is located in east direction of Jhunjhunu city at a distance of 30 kms and 6 kms in south of Chirawa town on Chirawa-Udaipurwati road. It was founded about 1000 years back. The population of the village is about 7000. Pincode: 333027.


The Pilania Jats and Thakan Jats became adamant to establish this village so the thikanedars started calling it Adawata after hindi word adna (अड़ना). Later on it got changed to Ardawata (अरड़ावता).

Jat Gotras

The village is divided into two parts 'aguna bas' and 'athuna bas'. There live about 650 families out of them 300 families are of the Jats.

Other castes are Jatav Chamar (100), Kayamkhani (50), Meena (30),Swami (25), Brahman (20),Khati (20), Rajput (30), Bhopa (10), Sikka Musalman (10), Dhanak (5), Muslim Nai (10).

The village has large number of people in the Indian Army. Every family has a retired fauji pensioner. The village is also politically very active.


The Ardawata village has the total population of 3446, of which 1668 are males while 1778 are females (as per Population Census 2011).[1]

Pioneer in women education

In 1952, as a social worker Shis Ram Ola started girls education in this remote and rural area in Rajasthan with three girls. He named the school after Indira Gandhi "Indira Gandhi Balika Niketan Ardawata". His attempt was undoubtedly a result oriented one as it brought Jhunjhunu district, during 1952-96, to third place in literacy.

This Institute has been upgraded to College level and education upto B.Sc. B A and B.Ed degree courses are run in it.

Notable persons

  • Shis Ram Ola (30.7.1927 - 15.12.2013) - A long-time MP and Former Minister in Union Government.
  • Hanuman Ram Budania - freedom fighter
  • Brijendra Singh Ola - MLA of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha, son of Ch. Shis Ram Ola.
  • Smt Rajbala Devi, Wife of Shri Brijendra Singh Ola.
  • Ravi Choudhary (Thakan) - Ravi Prakash Thakan, born 01/07/1993, Village Ardawata Tehsil Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. PIN Code 333027, Topper of Rajasthan University in BBA. Studying in Victoria university Sydney Australia. Course MBA, presented SAMSUNG , global sustainability in India, Australia. Currently representing to India in Australia in various aspects. Residence l19/32 Early Street Parramatta NSW Post code 2150, Sydney, Australia, Contact number is +61420748399, Email 70ravichoudhary@gmailcom
  • Col. Arjun Singh Budania - DOB:1.9.1953. From Ardawata, Chirawa, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. Mob: 9829528005. Address: D-1/k-5, Krishna Colony, Jharkhand Road, Khatipura, Jaipur. He has conducted Ph.D. on the subject - 'Indo-Scythian Migration not a myth' (1994) from Oxford University, Trinity College.
  • Sudha Devi - Mandawa MLA 1985


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