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Bandar (बांदर)[1] Bandara (बांदरा)[2] or Vanar (वानर) Bander (बांदर) is gotra of Jats. Bandar Jat clan found in Afghanistan.[3]


This gotra is said to be started from place called Bandra (बांद्रा). [4]


Ram Sarup Joon[5] writes that...about 70 Jat Gotras joined the Gujar force and started calling themselves Gujars. It Bander one of them.

According to H.A. Rose[6] writes that the Bagri Jats have certain sections which might appear totemistic, but very rarely is any reverence paid to the totem. Such are :— Bandar, monkey, in tahsil Hansi, Hisar, Haryana.

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Sirsa District

Gigorani, Kharia (Sirsa), Kutiana, Tarkanwali,

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Patiala District

Bandars have a population of 3,180 in Patiala district and 2,316 in Amritsar district in Punjab. [7]

Villages in Bhatinda District

Kaile Bandar,

Villages in Mansa district

Villages in Faridkot district

Wander Jatana village in Faridkot Tahsil of Faridkot district in Punjab.

Villages in Moga district

Prominent persons

Krishan Kumar Bandar (Sepoy) (4.5.1977- 30.5.1999) is a Martyr of Kargil war from Haryana. He martyred on 30 May 1999 in Operation Vijay. He was from village Tarkanwali, tahsil Sirsa, district Sirsa, Haryana. Unit-17 Jat Regiment.


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