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Bhadautia (भदौतिया) (Bhadotia) is a gotra of Jats. [1] [2]


Bhattavatika (भट्टवटिका) or Bhaddavatika (भद्दवतिका) was a city near Koshambi as mentioned in Buddhist records. Trade was carried on between Kosambi and Bhaddavati.


Bhaddavati. A city, the residence of Bhaddavatiyasetthi, father of Samavati. Trade was carried on between Kosambi and Bhaddavati (DhA.i.187). See also Bhaddavatika. [3][4]

Bhaddavati, Bhaddavatika. A female elephant belonging to King Udena. She had belonged originally to Candappajjota. She could travel fifteen leagues in a day (DhA.i.196). Udena made use of her in his elopement with Vasuladatta (DhA.i.198). At first the king paid her great honour, declaring that his life, queen and kingdom were all due to her; her stall was smeared with perfumed earth and hung with coloured hangings, a lamp burned perfumed oil and a dish of incense was set on one side. She stood on a coloured carpet and ate royal food of many flavours. But when she grew old she was neglected and became destitute. One day she saw the Buddha entering the city for alms, fell at his feet, and complained of the kings neglect. The Buddha reported the matter to the notice of Udena, and all former honours were restored to Bhaddavati. This incident led to the preaching of the Dalhadhamma Jataka. J.iii.384f. [5][6]

Bhaddavati. A princess, sister of Parakkamabahu I. Cv.lxvi.147. [7][8]

Bhaddavatika: A market town near Kosambi. The Buddha went there and was warned by cowherds and others not to approach Ambatittha as a fierce Naga dwelt there. Sagata Thera, hearing this, went to Ambatittha and subdued the Naga, afterwards rejoining the Buddha at Bhaddavatika (Vin.iv.108f.; J.i.360f). The town is probably identical with Bhaddavati (q.v.), and was in the Cetiya Country. Vin.iv.108. [9][10]

भट्टवटिका = भद्दवतिका

विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[11] ने लेख किया है ...भट्टवटिका = भद्दवतिका (AS, p.655): सुरापानजातक में उल्लिखित एक व्यापारिक नगर जिसकी स्थिति कौशांबी (जिला इलाहाबाद उत्तर प्रदेश) के पूर्व में थी. इस नगरी का प्राचीन नाम भद्रावती जान पड़ता है.

भारद्वाज (भदौतिया) जनपद

महाभारतकाल में भारतवर्ष के जनपदों में भारद्वाज जाट जनपद भी था। (भीष्मपर्व, अध्याय 9) भदावर के प्रदेश का शासक जाट क्षत्रिय समुदाय भादू, भदौरिया, भदौतिया नाम से प्रसिध हुआ। यह लोग सपेऊ, सादावाद के मध्य 8 बड़े खेड़ों और जिला मथुरा के बहुत से गांवों में बसे हुए हैं। खौण्डा गांव के ठा० तोताराम ने तोसागढ़ी बसाई जो ठाकुर लालसिंह के पुत्र ठाकुर छत्तरसिंह के द्वारा भव्यभवन और कच्ची गढ़ी बनवाने पर छत्तरगढ़ी के नाम से प्रसिद्ध हुई। भादू नाम से प्रसिद्ध जाटों के बीकानेर राज्य में बहुत से गांव हैं (जाटों का उत्कर्ष पृ० 366, ले० योगेन्द्रपाल शास्त्री)।।[12]


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