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Bhasan(भासा) is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.


Rajatarangini[1] tells that in 1127 AD... On that day Ananta's son, Ananda the great, was killed by the Damaras at Lochanoḍḍāraka while on his march. He did many good acts and could undergo hard labor. Who was not grieved at his mishap? Bhāsa, a servant of Sujji, had escaped his enemies through the virtue of the people and being weary, entered the court-yard of god Avasvami at Avantipura. He and Kshemananda who had quelled the rebellion at Kampana were surrounded by the angry Damaras of Holaḍa.

Rajatarangini[2] tells us ...In 1127 AD King of Kashmir Sussala was murdered and Sussala's head brought to Bhikshu. Tikka and others loitered on their way to the capital via Avantipura, in order to destroy Bhāsa and others who had been besieged before. But they could not overcome the besieged by fight or by throwing stones or by fire or sword. Protected by the thick stone wall of the temple, the besieged killed the besiegers who could neither stay there nor flee from that place.In this opportunity

[p.127] caused by tho enemy's delay, the wise king brought over the Damaras of Khaṇḍūvī to his side by riches. He then sent without delay Sujji with Panchachandra and others who took money from him, for the relief of Bhasa and his party. But before Sujji arrived at Avantipura, Tikka and others had raised the siege, as soon as they saw the son of Kayya and others in the vanguard. Bhasa and his party issued out of the temple, pursued the flying enemies and killed them, and came back to Sujji. [VIII(i),p.126-127]

Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1911 census the Bhasa were the principal Muslim Jat clan in district with population -

  • Multan District : Bhasa (1,829)

Notable persons


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