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Tikka or Tikkā or Tikkaka was a powerful chief in Kashmir.

Jat clan

Tikaria - Probably Tikka may be the originator of this clan.


In Rajatarangini

Rajatarangini[1] tells us that The powerful Vijaya made common cause with his kinsman Tikkā and surrounded the royal army that was stationed at Sthāma. (VIII,p.57)

Rajatarangini[2] tells us....Milla, mother of Vijaya, brought the army with her husband had got ready, from Vijayeshvara to Devasara. But Prithvihara came up and killed her, and also destroyed Tikka and routed the king's army. (VIII,p.91)

Rajatarangini[3] tells us....With a view to kill the wife of Garga who was with her mother, Prithvihara, in the month of Pausha, sent Tikka from the village of Suvamasanu to Devasarasa. She felt herself secure with her own and with the king's army, but Tikka came there suddenly and killed her in a fight. (VIII,p.97)

Rajatarangini[4] tells us ...In a village known by the name of Sāhya, near Kugrāma, there lived the son of one Sthānaka, a keeper of asses. In his younger years he was brought up in tending animals and was taught in arms with the Damara boys, and he gradually became a constant attendant of Tikka. From the year 1 (=1125 AD), Utpala, — such was his name, was employed as messenger, and became the confidant of the king who was then trying to create a division among his enemies. The king told him to murder Tikka and Bhikshachara, and promised to give him wealth and the house belonging to Tikka. (VIII,p.106)

Rajatarangini[5] tells us ...Utpala caused Ṭikka to be harassed by Prajji and humbled by the king, and made Tikka give up his son as hostage.(VIII,p.107)

Rajatarangini[6] tells us ...At the time of Murder of the king Sussala in 1127 AD, the king said in anger that he who remains here is a traitor. Only two remained there, the betel-bearer, an old man, and the learned Rahila, the minister for peace and war. At this time Aghadeva and Nishtavaishya, two spies of Tikka, came from him not knowing what Utpala was about. (VIII,p.112)

Rajatarangini[7] tells us ...At the time of Murder of the king Sussala in 1127 AD, When this disturbance was raised in the inner apartments, the rebellion's and armed Tikkaka and others who were in the outer apartments commenced plundering.(VIII,p.112)

A servant of the king, Trailokya, of the dynasty of Shakyapala, who remonstrated against this treason, was killed by Tikkaka and others who were at the door. (p.113-114)

Rajatarangini[8] tells us ...In 1127 king Sussala was murdered. ....Induraja, a commander in the army, born of the line of Kularaja was also surrounded by the same Damaras ; but by some pretext Induraja obtained the protection of Tikka at Dhyānoddāra. Pinchadeva and many other leaders of the army were besieged by the Damaras and they left Kramarajya. (p.123)

Rajatarangini[9] tells us ...In 1127 AD King of Kashmir Sussala was murdered and Sussala's head brought to Bhikshu. Tikka and others loitered on their way to the capital via Avantipura, in order to destroy Bhāsa and others who had been besieged before. But they could not overcome the besieged by fight or by throwing stones or by fire or sword. Protected by the thick stone wall of the temple, the besieged killed the besiegers who could neither stay there nor flee from that place. In this opportunity

[p.127] caused by tho enemy's delay, the wise king brought over the Damaras of Khaṇḍūvī to his side by riches. He then sent without delay Sujji with Panchachandra and others who took money from him, for the relief of Bhasa and his party. But before Sujji arrived at Avantipura, Tikka and others had raised the siege, as soon as they saw the son of Kayya and others in the vanguard. Bhasa and his party issued out of the temple, pursued the flying enemies and killed them, and came back to Sujji. (p.126-127)

Rajatarangini[10] tells us ...Kottesha killed Tikka in a village named Gandharvvana and sent his head to the king on the other side of the river. (p.195)

Death of Tikka

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