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Bohla (बोहला) is a gotra of Jats. It is branch of Chauhan.



Sub Divisions of Khokhar gotra

There are several sub-divisions of the Khokhar gotra , such as the Bandial, Bhachar, Dholka, Ganjial, Jalap, Majoka, Nissowana, Rawal, and Denaar (in muslim). According to H.A. Rose[1] Jat clans derived from Khokhar are: Bohla and Khokhar Haral, Ajra, Bhalu and Bhala are also the sub gotras of the Khokhar Jats (Hindu and Sikh).

Sub divisions of Chauhan

Bhim Singh Dahiya[2] provides us list of Jat clans who were supporters of the Chauhan when they gained political ascendancy. The Bohla clan supported the ascendant clan Chauhan and become part of a political confederacy.[3]



Notable persons


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