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Ajra (अजरा)[1] is in the list of Jat gotras in Rajasthan[2]. It is sub gotra of the Khokhar Jats. [3]


It get its name from King named Ayu (आयु) in Kuruvansha.[4]


Sub Divisions of Khokhar gotra

There are several sub-divisions of the Khokhar gotra , such as the Bandial, Bhachar, Dholka, Ganjial, Jalap, Majoka, Nissowana, Rawal, and Denaar (in muslim). According to H.A. Rose[5] Jat clans derived from Khokhar are: Bohla and Khokhar Haral, Ajra, Bhalu and Bhala are also the sub gotras of the Khokhar Jats (Hindu and Sikh).


In Lake Urmia

Lake Urmia (Persian: دریاچه ارومیه) is a salt lake in northwestern Iran between the provinces of East Azarbaijan and West Azarbaijan, west of the southern portion of the similarly shaped Caspian Sea. Lake Urmia has 102 islands. Azar name appears in this list which indicates its ancient linkage with Iran.


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