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For the River see Chuhar River (Alwar)

Chuhad (चू्हड़)[1] [2]Chuhar (चूहड़) [3] Chuhud (चूहूड़)[4] is gotra of Jats in Punjab.


It started after Maharaja Chuhad, descendant of Dadhichi.

Chuada village


An inscription of year 21 April 999 AD, in the temple of Kevay Goddess, at village Kinsaria (किनसरिया) in Parbatsar tahsil district Nagaur shows that Chuhads along with Dahiyas have originated from Dadhichi Rishi. The chronology of the rulers of Dahiya clan is as under:

The above temple was constructed by Chachcha Rana and inscription engraved on it on 22 April 969. The second inscription was by Rana Jagdhar in memory of his father Rana Vikram Singh and mother Naila on pillar near Matamandir dated 9 June 1243. The third inscription dated 26 April 1215 was by Jayant Singh son of Param Singh Dahiya and grandson of Mahamandaleshwar Rana Kadva Rao Dahiya at village Salana (सालाणा) near Bharaut in Jodhpur state.[5] [6]

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Jalandhar district

Villages in Firozpur district

Chuhar Khilchi,

Villages in Hoshiarpur district

Beh Chuhar (Mukerian,

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Kaithal district

Chuhar Majra,

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Kaithal district

Dharpa Chuhar Pur 203131,


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