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Dagor (डागोर) Digor (डिगोर) gotra Jats[1][2] live in Madhya Pradesh and in Uttar Pradesh. [3]


Bhim Singh Dahiya writes:[4] about 15. Dagar/Dagor - Pliny first mentions this Jat clan in Central Asia as 'Tagoras' who went westwards with the Yue-che hordes in second century B.C. Maencheu Helfen identifies them with the Asis and the Tokhars.[5] S.P. Tolstov identifies the Turkish tribe Duker, with the Tokhars. Digor is also mentioned as one of the four tribes of the Ossets (Vasati of Indian works). They called their country on the Urukh river and its tributaries as Digor, or Digur, which name appears in the Geography of Moses, of Khorene as As-Digor. These Digors were the ancestors of the Dagar Jats. P.C. Bagchi believes the Dogar and Tukhars were one and the same.[6] The ruling family of Orchha- Tikamgarh, was called Digora.[7]

Bhim Singh Dahiya gives following Clan Identification Chart:[8]

Sl West Asian/Iranian Greek Chines Central Asian Indian Present name
29. - Digorai As-Digor - - Dagor

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Jat villages in Nimach district


Villages in Khargone district


Villages in Indore district


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