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Dhat (धाट)[1][2]/(ढात) is a Jat Gotra found in Pakistan.



B S Dahiya[3] writes about Dhat Country while mentioning Sumras:

" The Sumras later on, did claim the status of Rajput but many of them remained as Jats what they were originally. Even today they are living in the deserts of Jaisalmer and the upper Dhat country of Sindh. Many Sumras are now Sikhs and it is well known that practically no Rajput became a Sikh".

H.A. Rose[4] writes:Hindu, Sikh and Jain Kambohs avoid 3 gots in marriage, the Muhammadans only one. The Hindu Dhat Kambohs perform the first tonsure under a dhāk tree and the Jham got at a Babji's shrine in Lahore.

James Tod[5] writes that Dhat or Dhati, is another Rajput, inhabiting Dhat, and in no greater numbers than the Kauravas, whom they resemble in their habits, being entirely pastoral, cultivating a few patches of land, and trusting to the heavens alone to bring it forward. They barter the ghi or clarified butter, made from the produce of their flocks, for grain and other necessaries of life. Rabri and chhachh, or ' porridge and buttermilk,' form the grand fare of the desert. A couple of sers of flour of bajra, juar, and khejra is mixed with some sers of chhachh, and exposed to the fire, but not boiled, and this mess will suffice for a large family. The cows of the desert are much larger than those of the plains of India, and give from eight to ten sers (eight or ten quarts) of milk daily. The produce of four cows will amply subsist a family of ten persons from the sale of ghi ; and their prices vary with their productive powers, from ten to fifteen rupees each. The rabri, so analogous to the kouskous of the African desert, is often made with camel's milk, from which ghi cannot be extracted, and which soon becomes a living mass when put aside. Dried fish, from the valley of Sind, is conveyed into the desert on horses or camels, and finds a ready sale amongst all classes, even as far east as Barmer. It is sold at two dukras (coppers) a ser. The puras, or temporary hamlets of the Dhatis, consisting at most of ten huts in each, resemble those of the Kauravas.


Dhat Village Name

Dhat is village in Ludhiana West tahsil in Ludhiana district in Punjab.

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