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Janauli (जानौली) is a medium-size village in Palwal district of Haryana.


It is located on the railway line and has a railway station on its name (After Ballabhgarh station, while going from Delhi to Mathura/Agra).




Janoothar is a (Teotia) village in Bharatpur (Rajasthan) is more than 2400 years old. Jan Pal Tewatia founded Janauli village (Palwal, Haryana) more than 2000 years back. About 900 years back some Tewatia Jats crossed Yamuna river and founded present Bhatona village in Gulawthi (Bulandshahr) UP. Along with them went some Dagar and Rawat Jats also from Palwal. Palwal and Batana are Persian name. Bhatona is famous for Temple of Dagre wale Baba & thousands of devotees come to temple on Diwali & Holi for Darshan. Sarju Baba was born in Bhatona & took Samadhi at the place ,where this Temple is situated.

Sarvapal Khap

Sarvapal Khap is a Khap of 22 villages. This is a grand organization spread from Faridabad, Ballabhgarh to Chhata, Kosi in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. It has 1000 village. It includes Deende Pal of Kosi Kalan, Gathona Khap of Bathain Kalan, Beniwal Khap of Kamar, Sorot Pal of Hodal, Munder Pal of Dhatteer- Allika, Tewatia Pal of Janauli, Rawat Pal of Paigaon. [1]

सर्वपाल खाप

सर्व पाल खाप में 22 गाँव हैं. यह फरीदाबाद, बल्लभगढ़ से लेकर मथुरा जिले के छाता, कोसी तक फैला एक विशाल संगठन है. इसमें करीब 1000 गाँव हैं. इस खाप में कोसी की डींडे पाल, बठैन की गठौना पाल, कामर की बेनीवाल पाल, होडल की सौरोत पाल, धत्तीर- अल्लिका की मुंडेर पाल, जनौली की तेवतिया पाल, पैगांव की रावत पाल आदि सम्मिलित हैं. यह पाल दहेज़ निवारण में सबसे आगे है.[2]

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