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Bhatona (भटोना) or Bhatauna (भटौना) is a village in Bulandshahr tahsil and district in Uttar Pradesh. Bhatona is predominantly a village of Teotia Jats. Pin code is 245406. Bhatona is a very big village with over 5000 voters and so is famous village of Saidpur.


Their (Teotia) village Januthal in Bharatpur (Rajasthan) is more than 2400 years old. John Paul Tewatia founded Janauli village (Palwal, Haryana) more than 2000 years back. About 900 years back some Tewatia Jats crossed Yamuna river and founded present Bhatona village in Gulawthi (Bulandshahr) UP. Along with them went some Dagar and Rawat Jats also from Palwal. Palwal and Batana are Persian name. Bhatona is famous for Temple of Dagrewale Baba & thousands of devotees come to temple on Diwali & Holi for Darshan. Sarju Baba was born in Bhatona & took Samadhi at the place ,where this Temple is situated.

  • Puranmal Teotia came to village Bhatona in 1385 S.V. (1328 AD). He had two sons called 1. Sarthanand and 2. Partap Singh.
  • Sarthanand had three sons, namely 1.Chawle Singh, 2.Bihari Singh and 3. Gokal Singh.
  • Chawle Singh had three sons: 1.Ramram, 2.Kallu Singh and 3. Rattu Singh. Against this generation is written 1600 S.V. (1543 AD) Means three generations only in 215 years.
  • Rattu Singh had seven sons: 1.Hira Singh (Bambe Ki Maddiya), 2. Tulla Singh (Raosahab wale), 3. Parsota Singh (Mache Wale), 4. Ballu Singh (Murlihar), 5. Roop Singh(Gursahayhar), 6. Teja Singh and 7. Nain Singh (Nayebas wale)
  • Teja Singh had four sons: 1.Mewa Singh (Baba Kanhiya Singh), 2.Sawant Singh (Kilhora wale), 3.Mohan Singh (Deepa Gangaram) and 4. Kirath Singh (died without having a son and no further information)
  • Sawant Singh (Kilhora wale) had two sons: 1.Partit Singh and 2. Inder Singh.
  • Shri Partit Singh had four sons: Ram Sahay, Lal Singh, Dharam Singh and Gangabax. Dharam Singh and Gangabax did not have any sons.
  • Ram Sahay had two sons, Lajja Ram and Megha. Megha did not have any son.
  • Lajja Ram had two sons Nandlal and Shivlal, both of these did not have a son and the dynasty ended there.
  • Lal Singh had three sons: Bhulla (did not have a son) Radhakrishan and Ramsarup.
  • Radhakrishan had one son: Shivcharan: no further information.
  • Ramsarup had one son: Birbal Singh.
  • Birbal Singh had one son: 1. Rambir Singh (CRPF). Shri Rambir Singh came once to our home in Kilhora but Shri Birbal Singh and Rambir Singh both were residing in Bhatona and I don't understand as to why the document says against Shri Sawant Singh as Kilhora wale. So this looks to me a grey area.

Now come to the clans of Shri Inder Singh.

  • Inder Singh had four sons: 1.Hariram, 2.Laxman Singh, 3.Jai Singh and 4.Todal (Todal did not have a son thus his dynasty ended there)
  • Hari Ram ji had four sons: Raj Singh (did not have son), Lakhpat (did not have a son) Hardev (had one son called Dhara Singh and no further information) and Ram Sahay
  • Ram Sahay had four sons: Bhanwar Singh, Kishan Lal, Ram Prasad and Ramval. No further information is given in this document of descendants of these four brothers.
    • Jai Singh had three Sons: Shri Shadi Ram, Shri Ramrikh, and Shri Ramphal.
    • Shri Shadi Ram was Mukhia of the village and had only one son: Shri Amir Singh (had learnt a lot from him during my childhood. He was the village Pradhan and had one of the most educated family of his own, and an excellent person) Baba Amir Singh was honorary Capt and was ADC to Lord Mountbaten and later to the first President of India. He was a highly decorated officer and had lived to be ninety nine.
    • Amir Singh had five sons: Shri Jaswant Singh (Dy S.P.), Basant Singh (Dy. S.P.), Chandrapal Singh (Advocate), Mahendra Singh (Instructor in ITI) and Jogendra Singh IRS (presently Chairman of Customs and Central Excise Settlement Commission). I have met some of them when they used to come to village but have no further information. They live in Kankar Khera in Meerut as per my latest information.
    • Shri Ramrikh had three sons: Nahar Singh, Kehar Singh and Lekhraj. Nahar Singh and Lekhrah did not have any child.
    • Shri Kehar Singh had only one son: Rambir Singh. We studied together, he was a little senior to me and now lives in village. Having done his M.A. he had to contend with doing farming as could not find a suitable job. I have no further information on Rambir Singh.
    • Shri Ramphal had three sons: Mukhtiar Singh,Hoshiyar Singh and Manbir Singh.
    • Mukhtiar Singh had three sons: Narendra Singh, Rajendra Singh and Bijendra Singh. Narendra singh had died quite some time ago while still unmarried. Rajendra Singh is also no more.His family lives in village Kilhora. Bijendra Singh is now a senior teacher and is settled in Moradabad.
    • Hoshiar Singh had three sons: Rajbir Singh, Harbir Singh and Tejbir Singh.
    • Harbir Singh was one of the most outstanding student. Rajbir while still unmarried had expired. Harbir is working in ITI, Rae Bareily. Tejbir is living in Village Kilhora.
    • Manbir Singh had only one son: Virendar Singh (Viri) who has expired. His family lives in Village Kilhora.
    • Laxman Singh had four sons: 1.Baba Bharat Singh (baba Bharat Singh had only one son called Khub Singh who did not have any son and dynasty ended there), 2.Baba Jagram, 3.Baba Chandan Singh and 4. Dule Ram (he did not have any son and thus dynasty ended there)
    • Baba Jagram had one son: 1.Shri Ramjilal who had two sons: 2. Dayanand and Deep Chand. I know this family well as they are our neighbors. Dayanand Chacha was the most simple and hard working man I have ever seen. This family has done extremely well and I would say credit goes to the hard work of Dayanand Chacha.
    • Dayanand had four sons: 1.Rajpal, Kishanpal, 2.Satpal and 3.Munni (I am sorry I don't know is official name) Satpal is a well known figure in Modinagar area. He now lives in Begmabad near Modinagar. Kishanpal teaches in degree College and lives in Village. Rajpal Bhai died some time ago. He was teaching in village Sarava in a High School.
    • Deep Chand had two sons: 1.Sahendra Singh and 2. Kiranpal. Sahendra Singh died before marriage. Sahendra was extremely hard working and with Dayanand Chacha he made an excellent hardworking team for the family.

The family had made a Dharamshala at the bus stop in village Kilhora.

    • Baba Chandan Singh had six sons: 1. Balwant Singh, 2.Sukhpal Singh, 3.Daljit Singh (did not have a son and no further information) 4.Sukhdev Singh (did not have a son and no further information), 5.Baljor Singh and 6. Baljit Singh (did not have a son and no further information)
    • Sukhpal Singh had three sons: 1.Tejpal Singh (UPP, Inspector), 2.Udaipal Singh and 3. Vijay Pal Singh. Tejpal Singh and Udaipal Singh lived in Pilkhua as they got there share of land in that area.
    • Tejpal Singh had seven sons: 1.Jagbir Singh, 2.Mahabir Singh, 3.Gulbir Singh, 4.Satpal Singh, 5.Brajbir Singh, 6.Narayan Singh and 7.Surashpal Singh. I have no further information.
    • Udaipal Singh Chacha was another wonderful person I had met in my childhood. He was a POW in Japan after Second WW for Seven years and survived that difficult time. He had three sons: Ranbir Singh, Pratap Singh and Rukan Singh. Rukan Singh is a renowned advocate in Ghaziabad. I was lucky to meet him during my last visit to India.
    • Vijay Pal Singh had three sons: 1.Sohanbir Singh, 2.Sohanpal Singh and 3.Badan Singh. Sohan pal Singh is in Police, and Sohanbir Singh and Badan Singh live in village Kilhora.
    • Baljor Singh had one son who died before marriage. His daughtors had done well to look after his property. I am not in touch with them.
    • Balwant Singh was my grand father. He retired as a police inspector and that is why we are known as "Daroga ke". He had four sons: 1.Rampal Singh, 2.Tikam Singh, 3.Pitam Singh and 4.Balbir Singh.
    • Rampal Singh was my father and thus I will disucss in the end.
    • Tikam Chacha had three sons; 1.Braham Singh (Retd as Hav) now lives in Modinagar. 2.Dharambir Singh (Retd as Hav, made his house in Modinagar, he died in November 2003). He has two sons, Joginder and Goldie. 3.Onkar Singh: My third cousin is Onkar Singh who lives in village and does framing.
    • Pitam Chacha had five sons: 1.Satbir Singh (Retd as Hav.) 2.Jagbir Singh (Retd as Sub) lives in Modinagar, 3.Ombir Singh (doing farming) 4.Monbir Singh (teaching in Primary School) and 5.Suresh (died couple of years ago) Suresh was one of my best friend among my cousin brothers.
    • Balbir Chacha had two sons: 1.Baldan Singh and 2.Sodan Singh. Baldan Bhai Died in 1971 war in the Battle of Fazilka and Beriwala Bridge while part of 4 Jat. I happen to see the area during my service and pay my respect to all those who gave their lives in that battle. Sodan lives in village and his currently Village Pradhan.

There are various nick name of families in Bhatona & they are known by these nicknames viz;Latth maar(Famous for using Lathi) ,Bhoot(Ghost),Kaua(Crow) etc.& latth maar are respected lot as,Baba Tarif Singh grand old man of this family,was a srong man & weilded lathi power.Ch.Tareef singh had four sons & second son Ch. Ram Kala Singh bacame Tahseeldar in British period and after retirement in 1961,settled in Bhatona & worked hard for progress of the village.

    • Rampal Singh : Now my own father, Rampal Singh. We were six brothers: 1.Babu Singh, 2.Manohar Singh, 3.Bikram Singh, 4.Kishan Singh, 5.Surendra Singh and 6. Col Virendra Sing Tewathia (myself).
    • Babu Singh retd as Plant Protection Officer, and died in 1986. He has three sons and a daughter. His sons are 1.Mahendra Singh, 2.Narendra Singh and 3.Jitendra Singh. They are settled in Faridabad. The daughter Santosh was married to Dr. Chandrapal Singh. Both Santosh and Dr. Chandrapal Singh were teaching in Hissar University, before they died in tragic car accident on 25th Oct 2003.
    • Manohar Singh retired as Police Inspector from UPP and lives at Meerut. He has three sons: 1. Ashok now in Mississauga Canada, 2. Vinod Kumar a police inspector in UPP and 3. Rajkumar who took premature retirement from Indian Navy and now works for Merchant Navy. All of them have one son each. Aman, Manu and Sannu in that order.
    • Bikram Singh retired from BITS Pilani from Mathmatics Department in 1991. He settled in Dehradun and died in September 2003. He has two daughters and one son. His son lives in Allentown, Pa, USA and is doing very well.
    • Kishan Singh, retired from JCT Mills Phagwara couple of years ago. He is now settled in Indore. He has two daughters and one son. His son is a IT professional and is now working in California, USA.
    • Surendra Singh lives in USA. He has his own business. He has three daughters.
    • Myself[1]: As you can see, retired as a Colonel in 1998. I now live in NJ USA. I have one son and a daughter.

Genealogy of Tewatias of Bhatona

Puranmal Teotia (1328 AD) → Sarthanand (1/2) → Chawle Singh (1/3) Rattu Singh (3/3) → Teja Singh (6/7) → Sawant Singh (2/4) (Kilhora wale) → Inder Singh (2/2) → Laxman Singh (3/4) → Baba Chandan Singh (3/4) → Balwant Singh (1/6) → Rampal Singh (1/4) → Col. Virendra S Tavathia (Retd.) (6/6)

Educational Institutes at Bhatona

चौधरी चरणसिंह का भटौना से संबंध

डॉ. किरणपाल सिंह[2] लिखते हैं कि....बल्लभगढ़ के राजा राजा नाहरसिंह (21.4.1823 – 9.1.1858) तेवतिया वंश में नरेश हुआ। सन् 1857 के प्रथम स्वतन्त्रता युद्ध, जो अंग्रेजों के विरुद्ध लड़ा गया, के समय राजा नाहरसिंह की शक्तिशाली सेना ने दिल्ली के दक्षिण तथा पूर्व की ओर से अंग्रेजी सेना को दिल्ली में प्रवेश नहीं होने दिया। अंग्रेजों के दांत खट्टे कर दिये. इस पर अंग्रेज सेनापति ने भी कहा “दिल्ली के दक्षिण पूर्वी भाग में राजा नाहरसिंह की जाट सेना के मोर्चे लोहगढ़ हैं, जिनको तोड़ना असम्भव है।” अंग्रेजों ने इस वीर योद्धा राजा नाहरसिंह को धोखे से पकड़ लिया और चांदनी चौक में 9.1.1858 को फांसी पर लटका दिया.[3]

बल्लभगढ़ से भटौना आगमन: अंग्रेजों के अत्याचारों से पीड़ित राज परिवार तथा अन्य देशभक्त तेवतिया जाटों ने एक विशेष रणनीति और समय के अनुसार वहां से हटना ही उचित समझा. यह परिवार काफी बड़ा था इन्हीं में चौधरी चरणसिंह के पितामह बादामसिंह भी थे, जिन्होंने बुलंदशहर जनपद में तेवतिया जाटों द्वारा बसाये गए गांव भटौना में आकर शरण ली. भटौना में जमीन कम थी और शरणार्थी ज्यादा आ गए. धीरे-धीरे वे आसपास के कई गाँवों में फैल गए. भटोना से निकलने के कारण वे भटोनिया कहलाते हैं अर्थात तेवतिया का एक पर्याय भटोनिया भी हो गया.

भटौना-सियामी-नूरपुर आगमन - चौधरी बादामसिंह भी अपने परिवार के साथ हापुड़ के पास सियामी गांव में आकर बसे. उन की पांच संताने थी आयुक्रम के अनुसार सर्वश्री 1. लखपत सिंह, 2. बूटा सिंह, 3. गोपाल सिंह, 4. रघुवीर सिंह तथा 5. मीर सिंह.

परिवार बड़ा था और आजीविका के साधन कम. अतः नए सिरे से फिर कृषि भूमि तलाशने का कार्य शुरू हुआ. इसी क्रम में यह परिवार सियामी से कुछ हटकर हापुड़-बाबूगढ़ के पास नूरपुर गांव आ गया. यहां दलाल बंसी जाटों की रियासत कुचेसर की कुछ जमीन बटाई पर ले ली और वहीं छप्पर की झोंपड़ी डालकर बस गए जो बाद में नूरपुर की मड़ैया नाम से जानी गई. चौधरी मीरसिंह कठिनाइयों तथा अभाव में ही सही पर अपनी आयु के 18 बसंत देख चुके थे. चौधरी बादाम सिंह के पुत्रों ने अपने अथक परिश्रम से असिंचित जमीन को उपजाऊ बनाया. नूरपुर की मढैया में उस समय खुशी की लहर दौड़ गई जब यहां पहली बार ढोलक बजी और गीत गाए गए. यह शुभ दिन था जब चौधरी लखपतसिंह के सबसे छोटे भाई मीर सिंह ने गृहस्थ आश्रम में प्रवेश किया और बुलंदशहर जनपद के चितसोना अलीपुर गांव की सुशील समझदार कन्या नेत्रकौर को पत्नी के रूप में वरण कर बैलगाड़ी में बिठाकर घर लाये. घर की छोटी तथा दुलारी बहू नेत्रकोर को प्यार से सभी नेतो के नाम से बुलाते थे. चौधरी मीरसिंह सीधे-साधे छल कपट से दूर एक मेहनती व्यक्ति थे.

चौधरी मीरसिंह और नेत्रकौर की कड़ी मेहनत खेती में रंग लाई और परिवार संपन्नता और स्मृद्धि की ओर अग्रसर होने लगा. यही वह समय था जब नेत्रकौर की कोख से 23 दिसम्बर 1902 को बालक चरण सिंह ने नूरपुर की मड़ैया में जन्म लिया, जो आगे चलकर भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बने.

Other Teotia villages

There are a lot of villages near Gulaothi that have Teotias and include Deoli, Jiraothi, Kyampur, Chandan ki Maddiyya, Naya baans & Baral ki Maddiyya. Majority of Teotia's traditionally get married in Sirohi or Dalal gotras. My own wife is from Sirohi family and so was my grand mother. Bhatona is just about 2-3 miles from Gulaothi and thus all these villages probably would have been off springs of Bhatona. Bhatona is a very big village with over 50000 voters and so is famous village of Saidpur. Saidpur is in opposite direction to Bhatona from Gulaothi about 12 miles. Probably due to the largeness of these villages our ancestors must have found it easy to get matches for their wards in these two villages. Regarding Teotias I learnt during my childhood that they used to kill their daughters and hence there was no question of giving their daughters to others. I really don't know how far is that true, but my own father had no sisters.

Notable persons

  • Col. Virendra S Tavathia (Retd.) - Author of this article
  • Rao sahib Harpal Singh was highly regarded person of the area.He had two sons & both of them settled out of Bhatona after death of Rao Sahib.
  • Ch.Mukhtya singh P.P of U.P govt originally belongs to Bhatona & his son K.P.Singh is chairman of DLF.
  • Shri Jagbir Singh - Member Rajyasabha, passed away on the 19th December, 2001 at the age of 79. Born at Bhatona, Distt. Bulandshahar in October, 1922, Shri Singh had his education at Meerut and Lucknow. An Agriculturist by vocation, Shri Jagbir Singh also took interest in the field of education. He represented the State of Uttar Pradesh in this House from April, 1974 to April, 1980. Shri Singh also served as the Union Minister of State in the Ministries of Information and Broadcasting and Defence between August, 1977 and June, 1980. In the passing away of Shri Jagbir Singh, the country has lost a veteran Parliamentarian and an able Administrator.His elder son Arun Kumar is Commissioner of incomeTax.
  • Ch.Ram Kala Singh,Tahsildar(Retd),has his haveli near Dagre Wale Baba Temple in Bhatona.After his retirement in 1961,he devoted his time for development & improve condition of village.He expired in 1969.His eldest son,R.K.Singh,a well known name in Education department,retired as Registrar of Lucknow University & later was advisor to Education ministry of Utter Pradesh.Youngest son of Ch Ram Kala singh is Maj.Narendra Kumar,who got injured in 1971 war & later joined I.A.S.& allied services. Shilpa Teotia,daughter of Maj.Narendra kumar,is M.B.A. from Chicago University & now working at senior position in Bank in Newyork.
  • Captain Amir Singh - ( 1900-1998)-He started his career at the lowest rung in the army but rose to become Captain and ADC to the President of India. He was a highly decorated Officer and was awarded OBI ("Order of British India") along with title of 'Bahadur' and MBE ("Member of British Empire"). He raised a very educated family. His eldest son Jaswant Singh and next to him Basant Singh retired as Dy. SPs. His third son Chander Pal singh was an advocate. His fourth son Mahendra Singh retired as Instructor, ITI. His fifth son Jogendra Singh was an IRS officer and retired as Chairman, Customs and Central Excise Settlement Commission.

Other notable persons includ-

  • Mr. Udai Bhan Singh Teotia , DIG (Retd.)
  • Col.Rajbir Singh Teotia (Retd).
  • Dr Jal Singh has been professor of Physics in US university & now settled in Ghaziabad.
  • Inderpal singh(retd. captain Indian army).
  • Mr.Braham Singh,noted lawyer of BulandShahar,founded Degree college in village.
  • Mr. Jal Singh (Rtd. Principal) has written many books for various popular publishers and the most popular book which is the only book about "LORD DAGRE WALE BABA" (3 Additions), and is also the Manager of Dagre Wale Baba Mandir Committee.
  • Author - Col. Virendra S Tavathia (Retd.)
  • Mr. Abhay Singh, S.D.O. Bhatona Hall (Bhartpur-Udaipur)
  • Mr. Girraj Singh Choudhary ( Chief Engineer, Irrigation Department Udaipur) (3 Brothers Ajab Singh, Raghunath Singh, Mahendera Singh & His 5 Sons) , Udaipur (S/O Mr. Abhay Singh/ Mr. Ajiram Baba )
  • Sh. Satyavir singh-(retd. assistant commandant from ITBP) Now stayiing in ghaziabad.
  • Information on Jatland
  • Er. Rajendra Singh (Teotia) s/o Shri Tej Singh, village Bhatona, district Bulandshahr U.P. Present working - Senior Regulatory expert in world bank Washington DC. Earlier assignments director Indian Railways. Secy TRAI. Education- B .Tech. (E&C) IIT Roorki , M .Tech . IIT Delhi, MBA - FMS Delhi University.
  • Er. Ombir Singh (Teotia)s/o Tej Singh, village Bhatona district Bulandshahr U.P., Diploma (E&C) Delhi Technical Board , Global Services Head for Europe and APJ Market Nokia.
  • Er. Ashbir Singh (Teotia) (IIT): s/o Shree Tej Singh, village Bhatona ,district Bulandshahr U.P. B. Tech. (Industrial Engineering) IIT Roorkee , M.Tech. Prodn .Engg. from SRU Rajasthan , MBA IIFT New Delhi, BPR Expert - trained at CSC LUCAS UK. Services - Chairman Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation J C Bose University YMCA Faridabad, Adjunct Faculty IITR, Ex COO TAFE (Third largest tractor manufacturing company in the world), GM Escorts Ltd .
  • Er Krishan Kumar S/o Shri Tej Singh, Vice President- Globacom, Education- MBA, Village- Bhatona, District - Bulandshahr U. P.
  • Advocate Palak Teotia


As per census 2011, population of village Bhatona is 5778, with 1016 houses.

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