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Khunamusha was one of the Principal ancient cities of Kashmir. It has been identified with present Khunamoh. [1]

Kasmir visit of Xuanzang in 631 AD

Alexander Cunningham[2] writes that The names of Khagipura and Khunamusha are referred by Kalhan Pandit[3] to Raja Khagendra, who, as the sixth predecessor of Asoka, must have reigned about 400 B.C. Wilson and Troyer have identified these two places with the Kakapur and Gaumoha of Muhammadan writers. The first is certain, as Kakapur still exists on the left bank of the Behat, at 10 miles to the south of the Takht-i-Suliman, and 5 miles to the south of Pampur. But the identification of Gaumoha, wherever that may be, is undoubtedly wrong, as Khunamusha is now represented by the large village of Khunamoh, which is situated under the hills at 4 miles to the north-east of Pampur.


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