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Lakshmi (लक्ष्मी) is a Jat Gotra.[1]



In Rajatarangini

Rajatarangini[2] mentions that....Now, there was in the capital a horse named Mandurāchakravarti which was ill. The king who loved horses sent Lakshmaka, son of Kayyaka, and others who were near him, to cure it. At this time the king was accompanied by a few attendants. Shringāra, son of Lakshmaka, heard, from his trustworthy men, of Utpala's purpose, and informed the king of it. [VIII (i),p.110]

Rajatarangini[3] mentions that ....With a view to parade his pride, the Pratihara, when sending Sujji to exile, sent his own son to protect Sujji's wealth. It grieved Lakshmaka to find that the Pratihara thought that it rested with him to punish or to favor, so that the Pratihara sent his son as a protector. Lakshmaka returned from Dvara and went to Parnotsa without rising against the king ; and then drove Bhagika from the hills of Lohara. The Pratihara sent Prema, son of the (king's) nurse, to the king, and the king bestowed the possession of Kotta on him. Lakshmaka left Lohara and thereby removed the fear of the king, and spent the fierce summer season at Rajapuri. The king who had under him the Damaras, and could raise or put down the ministers like balls, appointed Lakshmaka at Dvara, in order to set up a rival to Sujji and also for the safety and dignity of his dynasty. Thus the king enviously believed that the valorous Sujji, born in this country and fed from his treasury, would deprive him of his glory. By this appointment at Dvara, Lakshmaka was made uneasy and became an object of ridicule, as he wandered about in the road with men armed with sword. (p.141)

Lakshmaka was unable to bear Sujji's rivalry, and the king sent messengers to bring Sanjapala from the foreign country. (p.142)

Lakshmaka kept in check all the Lavanyas (Damaras) who were unfaithful, restless and going astray, and also the lord of Kampana. (p.144)

Lakshmaka made enquiries of the hostage [Ananda] the brother of the Khasha chiefs wife. He replied that even the lewd woman can control her desire, but who can, when [ Tikka ] is near, control the Khashas ? Lakshmaka then told Ananda to go and prevent the Khashas from acting in a hostile way, and sent him out while the other ministers it laughed. (p.150)

Lakshmaka urged on him every day that they would gradually collect forces and make a good beginning on the approach of the favorable season of autumn. But neither the king (of , Lohara) nor the other ministers present there accepted the advice, for the latter were deceitful. (p.162)

The king [of Kashmira] knew how to take advantage of an opportunity; and although poor, he ransomed the old Lakshmaka for thirty-six lakhs [ of the current coin.] When Lakshmaka arrived, the road was strewn with flowers and the people saw the growing prosperity of the king. (p.168-169)

Lakshmaka invited Sanjapala through his messengers, on account of his enmity with Sujji, and Sanjapala came to the capital. (p.181)


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