Loharri Tanda

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Map of District Rampur

Loharri Tanda () or (Lohra Tanda) is a village in Tehsil Tanda in district Rampur in Uttar Pradesh.


It is situated 22 k.m. far from tanda tehsil and 57 k.m far from Rampur and on boarder of Moradabad district, last village of Rampur tehsil and 2 k.m. far from Uttarakhand boarder.



The Founders

In 1951 Ratan Singh Hooda s/o Nandlal Hooda came here and found suitable land to develop in farming. About 450 acres of land for farming is available here a numbers of big farmer live here.

Jat Gotras

This is a small village of 20 houses and the number of people are 185. Gotra wise numbers are-


Notable Persons

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